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When using the administrative console to configure logging on a particular server, the Diagnostic

Trace Service can be configured to write messaging to log files in one of three formats. Which of

the following are the supported formats?

A. Basic, CBE, JRas

B. Basic, Advanced

C. Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

D. Basic, Advanced, Lo Analyzer

Answer: D


Which of the following sets of parameters can a system administrator adjust in order to directly

improve performance for the EJB container?

A. Cache size, cache cleanup interval

B. Datasource connection pool, server JVM size

C. Session timeout, HTTP session object size

D. Transaction lifetime, client inactivity timeout

Answer: A


A customer has a mission-critical application with redundant fabrics. The customer plans to replace older

EMC Symmetrix 8830 systems with an IBM System Storage DS8700 and an IBM SAN Volume Controller

(SVC). Which statement best describes the way to minimize the impact of data migration on the production


A. the production environment does not require an outage

B. the production environment requires an outage to install the SVC

C. the production environment requires an outage to install the DS8700

D. the production environment requires an outage to remove the EMC systems

Correct Answer: B


The following CL program was created to perform an application backup:

The operator later reports that the backup failed and all of the subsystems had to be restarted. What caused the backup to fail?

A. The backup job was submitted to an inactive subsystem.

B. The job did not have the correct authority\’ to the program.

C. The JOBD for the submitted job does not have authority to the subsystem

D. A MONMSG command is required to allow the subsystems to restart after a failed backup.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator would like to perform a Live Partition Mobility (LPM) operation between two systems. The

source system has been configured with a single VIO Server (VIOS) partition and the destination system

has been configured with dual VIO server partitions. What must be considered when planning for LPM?

A. A second VIO Server partition must be configured on the source system to allow for LPM.

B. An LPAR must be configured on the target system before the LPM operation is invoked.

C. Device-level virtualization provided by the single VIOS of the source system must be matched by both

of the dual VIOS on the target system.

D. Access to all the disk data must be completely provided by at least one of the destination VIO Server


Correct Answer: D