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An administrator wants to ensure a job on the scheduler is ignored if the system is in a restricted state at the time it is scheduled to run. What change will make this occur?

A. Change the recovery action of the job schedule entry to *NOSBM.

B. Change the user profile on the job schedule entry to QRECOVERY.

C. Change the frequency option of the job schedule entry to *ACTIVE.

D. Use the option on the WRKJQBSCDE screen for “hold when restricted.”

Correct Answer: A


Which statement is true when Active Directory objects are queried, restored, or backing up the

system state with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2?

A. The active directory service must be stopped.

B. The active directory service must be in online state.

C. The active directory service must be in offline state.

D. The active directory service can be in online state or in offline state.

Answer: B


As a result of an acquisition, an administrator is planning to consolidate some single-LPAR POWER6 520

servers onto an existing POWER7 server.

The administrator is attempting to make these 520 systems HMC-managed.

The network connection between the 520 system and an existing operational HMC have been verified and

checked. However the POWER6 machines fail to appear on the HMC panels.

What is the most likely resolution for this issue?

A. The POWER6 boxes need to be reset back to factory defaults.

B. The Flexible Service Processor (FSP) needs to be reset on each POWER6 520.

C. Upgrade to either PowerVM Standard or Enterprise edition.

D. Power cycle the physical system.

Correct Answer: B


A customer is installing a new POWER7 server with IBM i as the host partition for three additional IBM i

partitions. The server has just one 4 port Ethernet card.

The administrator needs to achieve IP connectively for all four partitions.

What should the administrator do?

A. Purchase additional Ethernet cards for the client partitions.

B. Connect each partition to one of the ports on the 4 port Ethernet card.

C. On the hosting partition, create a bridge using one of the ports of the Ethernet card to a virtual Ethernet network. Connect each of the client partitions to the virtual Ethernet network.

D. Connect each partition to a virtual network.Configure IP on each client partition to use the host partition as an IP gateway.Add routes to the corporate router pointing to the host partition as the gateway to the client partitions.

Correct Answer: C


When protecting data using the NetApp SnapLock licensed feature, which storage pool parameter

ensures that a storage pool is managed based on a data retention period?

A. snaplock


C. storage pool threshold

D. only RETVER and RETMIN of archive copy group are required

Answer: B