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An administrator is preparing to move to the most current release of HMC code. Which backup must be performed before updating the HMC code?

A. Save HMC Data

B. Save Upgrade Data

C. Save Restore PointData

D. Save Critical Console Data

Correct Answer: B


The XML spec constrains the valid values for an ID attribute. Which of the following is FALSE?

A. ID attribute value cannot begin with and contain any whitespace.

B. ID attribute value cannot begin with a number.

C. ID attribute value cannot match the value of an existing IDREF attribute value.

D. ID attribute value has to be unique throughout the whole XML document.

Answer: C


A user has accidentally deleted critical system files on an LPAR. Storage on the LPAR is provided using

both vSCSI and NPIV. The administrator is preparing to reinstall the LPAR, but has concerns about the

existing NPIV configuration. Which statement concerning WWPNs is correct?

A. During the reinstall of AIX, the HMC will assign new WWPNs to the adapters.

B. Assigned WWPNs are regenerated during a reinstall for boot devices, but preserved for secondary


C. Providing the configuration of the virtual Fibre Channel adapters remains unchanged in the LPAR

profile, the existing WWPNs are preserved.

D. The virtual_fc_adapters LPAR attribute must be verified prior to the reinstall and suitably updated to

preserve all existing WWPNs.

Correct Answer: C


Which function of FastBack could assist in the event of a client disk failure?

A. FastBack Image Store

B. Disk Regenerator Utility

C. Bare Machine Recovery

D. FastBack Recovery Manager

Answer: C


Which page element is the primary page request?

A. the page element marked in bold text

B. the first page element

C. the html page element

D. the page element with response code 200

Answer: A