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Question 1:

A network technician installs Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard on a server named Server1. A corporate policy states that all servers must run Windows Server 2012 R2 Enterprise. You need to ensure that Server1 complies with the

corporate policy. You want to achieve this goal by using the minimum amount of administrative effort.

What should you perform?

A. a clean installation of Windows Server 2012 R2

B. an upgrade installation of Windows Server 2012 R2

C. online servicing by using Dism

D. offline servicing by using Dism

Correct Answer: C

A. Not least effort

B. Not least effort

C. dism /online /set-edition

D. offline would be less ideal and more workex: DISM /online /Set- Edition:ServerEnterprise/ProductKey:489J6-VHDMP-X63PK-3K798-CPX3YWindows Server 2008 R2/2012 contains a command-line utility called DISM (Deployment Image Servicing andManagement tool). This tool has many features, but one of those features is the ability to upgrade the edition ofWindows in use. Note that this process is for upgrades only and is irreversible. You cannot set a Windowsimage to a lower edition. The lowest edition will not appear when you run the /Get- TargetEditions option. If the server is running an evaluation version of Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter, you can convert it to a retail version as follows: If the server is a domain controller, you cannot convert it to a retail version. In this case, install an additionaldomain controller on a server that runs a retail version and remove AD DS from the domain controller thatruns on the evaluation version. From an elevated command prompt, determine the current edition name with the command DISM /online /Get-CurrentEdition. Make note of the edition ID, an abbreviated form of the edition name. Then run DISM /online /Set- Edition: /ProductKey:XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX- XXXXX/AcceptEula,providing the edition ID and a retail product key. The server will restart twice. without-media.aspx edition-with-dism

Question 2:

Your network contains multiple subnets. On one of the subnets, you deploy a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. You install the DNS Server server role on Server1, and then you create a standard primary zone named You need to ensure that client computers can resolve single- label names to IP addresses. What should you do first?

A. Create a reverse lookup zone.

B. Convert the zone to an Active Directory-integrated zone.

C. Configure dynamic updates for

D. Create a GlobalNames zone.

Correct Answer: D

D. use GlobalNames zones in Windows Server 2008 to take advantage of single-label names Providing Single-Label DNS Name Resolution: While Domain Name System (DNS) is the predominant name-resolution technology in TCP/IP networks, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) is deployed in many networks as an alternative name-resolution protocol. GlobalNames Zone (GNZ) feature: The GNZ feature is designed to enable DNS resolution of these single-label, static, global names. You can deploy a GNZ in a single forest or across multiple forests. GNZ is intended to aid the retirement of WINS. It is not a replacement for WINS. GNZ is not intended to support the single-label name resolution of records that are registered dynamically and therefore not managed by IT administrators. GNZ does make it possible for you to provide single- label name resolution of a fixed set of host computers whose names are guaranteed to be both global and unique. library/cc731744.aspx

Question 3:

You have a server named Server1 that runs a Server Core installation of Windows Server 2012 R2. Server1 is configured to obtain an IPv4 address by using DHCP. You need to configure the IPv4 settings of the network connection on Server1 as follows:

-IP address:

-Subnet mask:

-Default gateway:

What should you run?

A. Set-NetlPInterface

B. netcfg.exe

C. New-NetlPAddress

D. msconfig.exe

Correct Answer: C

A. The Set-NetIPInterface cmdlet modifies IP interface properties such as is DHCP, IPv6 neighbor discovery settings, router settings and Wake on LAN (WoL) settings. The NetIPInterface object is automatically created by the computer and thus the NetIPInterface object has no New or Remove verbs.

C. The New-NetIPAddress cmdlet creates IP address and the configuration properties of that IP address. To create a specific IP address object, the required parameters include an IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) and an interface (InterfaceIndex or InterfaceAlias). It is also recommended to define the prefix length, alsoknown as a subnet mask, and default gateway. If DHCP is enabled on the interface to which this cmdlet is configured to, then DHCP will automatically be disabled.

D. System Configuration Utility (Msconfig.exe) automates the routine troubleshooting steps that Microsoft Product Support Services technicians use when diagnosing Windows configuration issues. You can use this tool to modify the system configuration through a process of elimination with check boxes, reducing the risk of typing errors. http://

Question 4:

Your network contains an Active Directory forest named The forest contains a single domain. The domain contains two domain controllers named DC1 and DC2 that run Windows Server 2012 R2. The domain contains a user named User1 and a global security group named Group1. User1 logs on to a client computer named Computer1. You need to disable the computer account of Computer1. Which cmdlet should you run?

A. Add-AdPrincipalGroupMembership

B. Install-AddsDomainController

C. Install WindowsFeature

D. Install AddsDomain

E. Rename-AdObject

F. Set-AdAccountControl

G. Set-AdGroup

H. Set-User

Correct Answer: F Set-ADAccountControl Enabled Specifies if an account is enabled. An enabled account requires a password. This parameter sets the Enabled property for an account object. This parameter also sets the ADS_UF_ACCOUNTDISABLE flag of the Active Directory User Account Control (UAC) attribute. Possible values for this parameter include: $false or 0 $true or 1 The following example shows how to set this parameter to enable the account. -Enabled $true

Question 5:

Command to set configure network interface primary dns server. Note: Other config such as ip address should not be changed.

A. set-ipaddress

B. netsh

C. ipconfig

D. winipconfig

Correct Answer: B

netsh interface ipv4 set dns name=”Local Area Connection” source=static address = primary

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Question 6:

You work as an administrator at The network consists of a single domain named All servers in the domain, including domain controllers, have Windows Server 2012 R2 installed.

You have configured a server, named CertBus-SR07, as a VPN server. You are required to configure new firewall rules for workstation connections.

You want to achieve this using the least amount of administrative effort.

Which of the following actions should you take?

A. You should consider making use of the Enable-NetFirewallRule cmdlet.

B. You should consider making use of the New-NetFirewallRule cmdlet.

C. You should consider making use of dism.exe from the command prompt.

D. You should consider making use of dsadd.exe from the command prompt.

Correct Answer: B

New-NetFirewallRule – Creates a new inbound or outbound firewall rule and adds the rule to the target computer. You can\’t Enable what doesn\’t exist yet… you must use New-NetFirewallRule windows- firewall-rules.aspx

Question 7:

You work as an administrator at The network consists of two Active Directory forests, named and There is no trust relationship configured between the forests. A backup of Group Policy

object (GPO) from the domain is stored on a domain controller in the domain. You are informed that a GPO must be created in the domain, and must be based on the settings of the GPO in the

domain. You start by creating the new GPO using the New-GPO Windows PowerShell cmdlet. You want to complete the task via a Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

Which of the following actions should you take?

A. You should consider making use of the Invoke-GPUpdate Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

B. You should consider making use of the Copy-GPO Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

C. You should consider making use of the New-GPLink Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

D. You should consider making use of the Import-GPO Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

Correct Answer: D

Import-GPO -Imports the Group Policy settings from a backed-up GPO into a specified GPO.

Question 8:

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The DNS zone for is Active-Directory integrated.

The domain contains 500 client computers. There are an additional 20 computers in a workgroup.

You discover that every client computer on the network can add its record to the zone.

You need to ensure that only the client computers in the Active Directory domain can register records in the zone.

What should you do?

A. Sign the zone by using DNSSEC.

B. Configure the Dynamic updates settings of the zone.

C. Configure the Security settings of the zone.

D. Move the zone to a domain controller that is configured as a DNS server.

Correct Answer: B

Question 9:

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named All servers run Windows Server 2012 R2.A server named Server1 is configured to encrypt all traffic by using IPSec.

You need to ensure that Server1 can respond to ping requests from computers that do not support IPSec.

What should you do?

A. From a command prompt, run netsh set global autotuninglevel = highlyrestrictedcongestionprovider=none.

B. From a command prompt, run netsh set global autotuninglevel-restricted congestionprovider=ctcp.

C. From Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, allow unicast responses for the Domain Profile.

D. From Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, exempt ICMP from IPSec.

Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains 100 user accounts that reside in an organizational unit (OU) named OU1.

You need to ensure that a user named User1 can link and unlink Group Policy objects (GPOs) to OU1. The solution must minimize the number of permissions assigned to User1.

What should you do?

A. Run the Delegation of Control Wizard on OU1.

B. Add User1 to the Group Policy Creator Owners group.

C. Modify the permission on the \\\SYSVOL\\Policies folder.

D. Modify the permissions on the User1 account.

Correct Answer: A

The Delegation of Control Wizard allows you to delegate tasks, active Directory Object types and to set permissions.

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