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Question 1:

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains servers that run either Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012.

All client computers on the internal network are joined to the domain. Some users establish VPN connections to the network by using Windows computers that do not belong to the domain.

All client computers receive IP addresses by using DHCP.

You need to recommend a Network Access Protection (NAP) enforcement method to meet the following requirements:

Verify whether the client computers have up-to-date antivirus software. Provides a warning to users who have virus definitions that are out-of-date. Ensure that client computers that have out-of-date virus definitions can connect to the


Which NAP enforcement method should you recommend?


B. IPSec


D. 802.1x

Correct Answer: A

NAP enforcement for DHCP

DHCP enforcement is deployed with a DHCP Network Access Protection (NAP) enforcement server component, a DHCP enforcement client component, and Network Policy Server (NPS).

Using DHCP enforcement, DHCP servers and NPS can enforce health policy when a computer attempts to lease or renew an IP version 4 (IPv4) address. However, if client computers are configured with a static IP address or are otherwise

configured to circumvent the use of DHCP, this enforcement method is not effective.

Note: The NAP health policy server can use a health requirement server to validate the health state of the NAP client or to determine the current version of software or updates that need to be installed on the NAP client.

Reference: NAP Enforcement for DHCP


Question 2:

Your company has a main office. The main office is located in a building that has 10 floors.

A datacenter on the ground floor contains a Windows Server 2012 failover cluster. The failover cluster contains a DHCP server resource named DHCP1. All client computers receive their IP addresses from DHCP1. All client computers are

part of the IPv4 subnet.

You plan to implement changes to the network subnets to include a separate subnet for each floor of the office building. The subnets will connect by using routers.

You need to recommend changes to the DHCP infrastructure to ensure that all of the client computers can receive their IP configuration by using DHCP.

What should you recommend?

More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

A. Install a remote access server on each floor. Configure a DHCP relay agent on each new DHCP server. Create a scope for each subnet on DHCP1.

B. Install a DHCP server on each floor. Create a scope for the local subnet on each new DHCP server. Enable DHCP Failover on each new DHCP server.

C. Configure each router to forward requests for IP addresses to DHCP1. Create a scope for each subnet on DHCP1.

D. Configure each router to forward requests for IP addresses to DHCP1. Create a scope for the subnet on DHCP1.

Correct Answer: C

In TCP/IP networking, routers are used to interconnect hardware and software used on different physical network segments called subnets and forward IP packets between each of the subnets. To support and use DHCP service across multiple subnets, routers connecting each subnet should comply with DHCP/ BOOTP relay agent capabilities described in RFC 1542. Reference: Support multiple subnets with one DHCP server by configuring DHCP relay agents http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc771390.aspx

Question 3:

A company has offices in multiple geographic locations. The sites have high-latency, low- bandwidth connections. You need to implement a multisite Windows Deployment Services (WDS) topology for deploying standard client device images

to all sites.

Solution: At each site, you create a multicast deployment. You pre-stage the client images that you plan to deploy and point them to the local WDS server.

Does this meet the goal?

A. Yes

B. No

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: On of the advantages of prestaging clients is the ability for multiple Windows Deployment Services servers to service the same network segment. You can do this by restricting the server to answer only a particular set of clients. Reference: Prestaging Client Computers https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc770832(v=ws.10).aspx

Question 4:

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named adatum.com

You plan to implement Network Access protection (NAP) by using VPN enforcement.

You need to recommend which Windows Server 2012 components must be deployed for the planned implementation.

Which two components should you include in the recommendation?

A. Health Registration Authority (HRA)

B. Network Policy Server (NPS)

C. Remote Access Server (RAS)

D. Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)

E. Host Credential Authorization Protocol (HCAP)

Correct Answer: AB

Question 5:

You plan to deploy multiple servers in a test environment by using Windows Deployment Services (WDS).

You need to identify which network services must be available in the test environment to deploy the servers.

Which network services should you identify? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)

A. Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)




E. Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)

F. Network Policy Server (NPS)

Correct Answer: BC

Explanation: Prerequisites for installing Windows Deployment Services


(B) DNS. You must have a working Domain Name System (DNS) server on the network before you can run Windows Deployment Services.


(C): DHCP. You must have a working Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server with an active scope on the network because Windows Deployment Services uses PXE, which relies on DHCP for IP addressing.


NTFS volume.


Not a: AD DS is not required if the WDS server is configured in Standalone mode. There is no mention of any domain in this scenario, so AD DS is not required for testing WDS.

Reference: Windows Deployment Services Overview


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Question 6:

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains three VLANs. The VLANs are configured as shown in the following table.

All client computers run either Windows 7 or Windows 8.

The corporate security policy states that all of the client computers must have the latest security updates installed.

You need to implement a solution to ensure that only the client computers that have all of the required security updates installed can connect to VLAN 1. The solution must ensure that all other client computers connect to VLAN 3.

Which Network Access Protection (NAP) enforcement method should you implement?



C. IPsec

D. 802.1x

Correct Answer: D

The most common method of the list is 802.1x for a variety of reasons. First, the industry has been selling 802.1x network authentication for the last 10 years. 1x gained tremendous popularity as wireless networking became prevalent in the late 90\’s and early 2000\’s and has been proven to be a viable solution to identifying assets and users on your network. For customers that have invested in 802.1x capable switches and access points, NAP can very easily be implemented to complement what is already in place. The Network Policy Server (NPS) role Windows Server 2008 has been dramatically improved to make 802.1x policy creation much simpler to do.

Reference: Network Access Protection Using 802.1x VLAN\’s or Port ACLs ?Which is right for you?

http://blogs.technet.com/b/wincat/archive/2008/08/19/network-access-protection-using-802- 1x-vlan-s-or-port-acls-which-is-right-for-you.aspx

Question 7:

Your company has a main office and a branch office. The main office contains 2,500 users. The branch office contains 1200 users. Each office contains two IP subnets.

The company plans to deploy an Active Directory forest.

You need to recommend an Active Directory infrastructure to meet the following requirements:

Ensure that the users are authenticated by using a domain controller in their respective office.

Minimize the amount of Active Directory replication traffic between the offices.

Which Active Directory infrastructure should you recommend?

More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

A. Three domains and three site

B. Two domains and three sites

C. One domain and three sites

D. One domain and six sites

Correct Answer: A

Reference: Active Directory Replication Traffic https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb742457.aspx

Question 8:

Your company is a hosting provider that provides cloud-based services to 20 customers. Each customer has its own Active Directory forest located in your company\’s datacenter.

You plan to provide VPN services to each customer. The VPN solution will use RADIUS for authentication, authorization, and accounting services.

You need to recommend a solution to forward authentication, authorization, and accounting messages from the perimeter network to the Active Directory forest of each customer.

What should you recommend?

A. One VPN server, 20 RADIUS Proxies and 20 RADIUS servers.

B. 20 VPN servers, one RADIUS proxy, 20 RADIUS servers.

C. one VPN server, one RADIUS proxy and 20 RADIUS servers.

D. one VPN server, one RADIUS proxy and one RADIUS server.

Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

You plan to simplify the organizational unit (OU) structure for a company. You must consolidate all member servers in the domain to a single OU named MemberServers.

You need to apply Group Policy settings for servers that meet the following criteria:

Server operating systems: Windows Server 2012

Server hardware platform: 64-bit Server memory: less than 16 6B of RAM Solution: You create a WMI filter action that includes the following query:

Does this meet the goal?

A. Yes

B. No

Correct Answer: B

Explanation: The line Win32_PhysicalMemory > 16000000000 means that the server memory must be larger than 16 GB. The VMI-filter should include the line Win32_PhysicalMemory < 16000000000.

Note: The other criteria were OK:

Win32_operatingsystem version number 6.2 indicates that it is either Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012.

Win32_operatingsystem ProductType 3 indicates that it is an Server Operating system, but not a domain controller.

OSArchitecture =”64-bit” is also OK: the server hardware platform should be 64-bit.

Reference: Updated List of OS Version Queries for WMI Filters

http://www.nogeekleftbehind.com/2013/09/10/updated-list-of-os-version-queries-for-wmi- filters/

Question 10:

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The physical topology of the network is configured as shown in the exhibit.

Each office contains 500 employees.

You plan to deploy several domain controllers to each office. You need to recommend a site topology for the planned deployment.

What should you include in the recommendation?

More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.


A. Five sites and one site link

B. Three sites and three site links

C. One site

D. Five sites and three site links

Correct Answer: D

Create a site for each LAN, or set of LANs, that are connected by a high speed backbone, and assign the site a name. Connectivity within the site must be reliable and always available.

This would mean 5 sites Site links are transitive, so if site A is connected to site B, and site B is connected to site C, then the KCC assumes that domain controllers in site A can communicate with domain controllers in site C. You only need to

create a site link between site A and site C if there is in fact a distinct network connection between those two sites.

This would mean 3 sitelinks

So answer is “Five sites and three site links”

Reference: Defining Sites and Site Links


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