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An administrator maintains a IBM i 6.1 development system with weekly PTF updates so the current cumulative, appropriate groups and current HIPER PTEs are always present for testing.

An upgrade to IBM i 7.1 is planned for the system.

What is critical for making certain that current fixes will also be present on the new release?

A. The PTF cross-reference PSP document

B. The Cumulative PTE contents PSP document

C. The IBM i Upgrade and Corrections PSP document

D. The IBM i Memo to Users Corrections PSP document

Correct Answer: A QUESTION NO:112

Which object has the Routing Entry Compare Data that is used by the subsystem to route a job?

A. Class

B. Job Description

C. Routing Directory

D. Workstation Entries

Correct Answer: B


A redundant pair of VIO Servers is used to virtualize the same SAN LUNs to a number of AIX LPARs. To

ensure that Multipath 10 is correctly configured an administrator sets the appropriate device attributes on

the vSCSI disks on the clients.

One of the VIO Servers was shut down for 5 minutes to simulate a failure. After the VIO Server was

brought back online, the administrator found that some LPARs recovered their storage paths automatically,

yet some LPARs did not recover their paths at all.

How can the administrator recover from the lack of path recovery?

A. Reboot the client LPARs.

B. Allocate both vSCSI adapters to the client LPARs.

C. Update SDDPCM to a level higher than

D. Reduce the number of paths to the LUNS to 6 or less.

Correct Answer: A


A customer has a mixed environment of Windows 2003 and 2008 servers. Which methodology

ensures these machines are recoverable using a bare machine recovery procedure?




D. Mksysb

Answer: B


A customer is planning to migrate an existing AIX 7 environment from POWER5 hardware to POWER7.

The existing deployment consists of multiple machines, each hosting many LPARs. Due to software

licensing constraints, the new environment must maintain the same number of logical CPUs. The pmcycles

command reports the following on an LPAR on the POWER5 environment:

$ pmcycles -m

CPU 0 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 1 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 2 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 3 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 4 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 5 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 6 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 7 runs at 2198 MHz

How many virtual CPUs should be assigned to the destination LPAR on the POWER7 environment?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 8

Correct Answer: B