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Using a disaster recovery facility, an administrator has just completed the successful recovery test of a production IBM i 7.1 LPAR with only *SYSBAS. Before leaving the facility, the administrator needs to prepare the partition for the next recovery test.

Which action will support this requirement?

A. On the recovery partition command line: PWRDWNSYS OPTION(*IMMED) RESTART(*INZ) ENDSBSOPT (*NOJOBLOG)

B. On the recovery LPAR: start dedicated service tools (STRDST). On the main menu select the option to work with disk data, then select the option to initialize the system.

C. On the recovery LPAR: initiate a “D Manual” IPL with the IBM i 7.1 I_Base DVD loaded. When prompted, select the option to “Install Licensed Internal Code and Initialize System”.

D. Press and hold the power button on the front of the CEC. After approximately 10 seconds, from the menu displayed on the console, select the option to “Install Licensed Internal Code and Initialize System”.

Correct Answer: C


What are the two Transfer Protocol Transfer Mode property options for the FTP Enterprise stage?

(Choose two.)






Answer: A,D



A developer is writing an application that needs to support the HTC Thunderbolt and Motorola DROID

Pro devices. Using the Mobile Browser Simulator to preview the application, how can the developer

switch from one device to the other?

A. Launch a separate instance of Mobile Browser Simulator for each device.

B. Click the Switch label, then expand Android and select Motorola DROID Pro.

C. Click the drop down menu currently labeled HTC Thunderbolt, then expand Android and select

Motorola DROID Pro.

D. Click the Cordova API in the left hand side, expand the Device section and change the device simulator

from HTC Thunderbolt to MotorolaDROID Pro.

Correct Answer: C


Which initial plan gets run when a new service deployment instance is created from a service


A. Job Plan

B. Build Plan

C. Execution Plan

D. Management Plan

Answer: B



Which of the following administrative features do TOPIC objects provide?

A. security

B. topic tree isolation

C. control of configuration attributes

D. status information on active publishers

E. stales information on active subscribers

Correct Answer: BC



Reference: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/ieduasst/v1r1m0/index.jsp? topic=/

com.ibm.iea.wmq_v7/wmq/7.0/PubSub/PubSub_Admin_part1/player.html (see the 12th topic)


The system administrator of a company has been asked to implement a change request to an

existing solution to let orders in the Backordered status to be cancellable. If an order is in any

other status, cancellations should be disallowed. How should the system administrator achieve


A. The system administrator should use the Sterling Business Center console to configure the

order modification business rules.

B. The system administrator should use the Order Modification Rules present within the

Applications Manager to configure the Backorderedstatus to allow the order to be canceled.

C. The system administrator does not have to do anything since orders in the backordered status

will be automatically canceled by IBM SterlingOrder Management without any special


D. The system administrator should implement the beforeChangeOrder User Exit of the

changeOrder API in order to check for permissible orderstatuses. If the order is not in the

Backordered status, an exception should be thrown from the User Exit.

Answer: B



An administrator has been asked to install the following PTF packages from DVD. SF99710 Cumulative PTF Package SF99627 Electronic Service Agent Group SF99707 Technology Refresh SF99708 Group Security SF99709 Group HIPER

Using Option 8 (Install Program Temporary Fix Package) on the GO PTF menu, how can the administrator install all of the above PTFs in the shortest possible time?

A. Install all packages as a multiple volume PTF set.

B. Install SF99710 Cumulative PTF Package as it contains all of the other PTFs.

C. Load and permanently apply the cumulative package followed by each of the group PTFs.

D. Install the Technology Refresh first, IPL, then install the remaining packages as a group.

Correct Answer: A


In the context of a private cloud, which three management capabilities require identity

management and/or access management services in order to be consumed securely by end

users? (Choose three.)

A. Storefront

B. Partner Management

C. Storage Management

D. Customer Management

E. Virtualization Management

F. Metering and Billing Management

Answer: A,B,D



You would like to pass values into parameters that will be used in a variety of downstream activity

stages within a job sequence. What are two valid ways to do this? (Choose two.)

A. Use local parameters.

B. Place a parameter set stage on the job sequence.

C. Add a Transformer stage variable to the job sequence canvas.

D. Check the “Propagate Parameters” checkbox in the Sequence Job properties.

E. Use the UserVariablesActivity stage to populate the local parameters from an outside source

such as a file.

Answer: A,E



A solution implementer needs to create a multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service to process XML

messages. The service needs to transform the payload based on the value of the stylesheet

parameter. Which code snippet will allow the solution implementer to configure the stylesheet

parameter in that MPGW service that can transform different types of payloads?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Answer: A