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Which file stores all Backup-Archive client errors?

A. tsmba.log

B. baclient.log

C. dsmerror.log

D. tsmclient.log

Answer: C

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What are the minimum and maximum number of extent pools on an IBM System Storage DS8800 with 64

physical disks?

A. the minimum is 1 and the maximum is 8

B. the minimum is 2 and the maximum is 8

C. the minimum is 2 and the maximum is 16

D. the minimum is 1 and the maximum is 64

Correct Answer: A


XML is going to be used in a B2B application to exchange human-resources data between

multiple organizations. Each organization keeps its data in different forms, and produces different

reports. Which of the following issues would present the greatest challenges for the XML project?

A. Each corporation has its own non-XML record structure for this data.

B. Each corporation wants to display the records in a different layout in its intranet applications.

C. Some corporations will be sending a lot more data than others.

D. The corporations are not using the same operating systems or middleware platforms.

Answer: A


A developer is comparing a Configuration schema from the Test environment with a Configuration

schema from the Production environment using the Configuration Deployment Tool (CDT). Some

Master tables, such as YFS_CUSTOMER and YFS_USER, do not exist in either the source or

target schema. The CDT throws “table not found” errors. Which command enables the CDT to

ignore the missing tables?

A. -IgnoreMasterTables Y

B. -IgnoreMissingTables Y

C. -IgnoreTablesNotFound Y

D. -IgnoreMasterTables YFS_CUSTOMER YFS_USER

E. -IgnoreMissingTables YFS_CUSTOMER YFS_USER

Answer: B



What is a good step to verify the behavior of a schedule?

A. validate activity using events listing

B. view the input and output of the test while it is running

C. verify external schedules?interaction with the schedule

D. use Rational Quality Manager to run a report to look at the schedule data

Answer: A


A retailer currently fulfills orders based only on on-hand inventory at its distribution centers (DCs).

The retailer has introduced a specialty item that requires special handling at the DC as part of the

pick pack ship process. To account for the additional processing time, the DC has requested it be

sent the order at least \’2\’ days before the expected ship date of the product. How can this

requirement be achieved?

A. Scheduling rule can be configured to “Schedule an order only 2 days before expected date of


B. The order can be put on a scheduling hold, and the hold released 2 days before the expected

date of shipment.

C. Item level control can be used to configure the node notification time for this item as 48 hours

prior to the expected ship date.

D. Orders for this item should be stamped with the expected ship date of current date 2 days to

allow for the time taken by the DC operations.

Answer: C



What is the default retention period of the activity log?

A. 1 day

B. 2 days

C. 7 days

D. 10 days

Answer: A


Where in the administrator console can the log detail levels be changed?

A. Troubleshooting -> Logs and Trace

B. System administration -> Console settings -> Preferences

C. Environment -> WebSphere Variable

D. System administration -> Console settings -> Logging

Answer: A


A solution implementer creates a request to the XML Management Interface as shown in the

following exhibit:

The XML Management Interface configuration on all appliances is configured with the property

“SOAP Management URI” enabled. There may be other unsaved changes in this domain. Which

of the following statements about the request are true? (choose 2)

A. Using no URI for the request will be successful.

B. Using a URI for the request of /service/mgmt/current will be successful.

C. Only the logging target configuration will be saved.

D. Only the remote address property of the logging target object will be modified.

E. The request will modify the logging target object\’s remote address property and set its other

properties to their default values.

Answer: A,D



A p5 570 customer is currently running AIX 5.3. The customer now wants to add Virtual Ethernet

to two of the LPARs. This will enable the application tier can communicate to the database tier

without using an external Ethernet card. What is the best way to accomplish this task?

A. Create a VIO server

B. Modify the LPAR profiles to add a Virtual Ethernet adapter

C. Buy the Advanced Power Virtualization feature and enter a authorization code at the HMC

D. Buy the Advanced Power Virtualization feature and enter a authorization code at the service

processor menu

Answer: B