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A BPM application developer has completed the development of a high profile process application

and is now ready to deploy the solution into the test environment. The application developer has

been told to allow one peer developer and the technical team lead to review and approve the work

before it can be installed onto the test server. The application developer\’s manager has requested

that the process of gathering these approvals be automated for auditing purposes. What steps

must the BPM application developer take in order to fulfill this requirement? The BPM application

developer must:

A. enable governance on the high profile process and use wsadmin to install the process.

B. create a business process definition, inside of the high profile process application, to implement

the approvals governance process.

C. ask a user with the administrative authority to create a System Governance toolkit dependency

to create a process application that will be used

for governance.

D. ensure that there is a task in the governance process that will allow a designated person to

install the process, using Process Center, after all

approvals have been received.

Answer: C


A job using a one-node configuration file writes to a target Sequential File stage. The target

Sequential File stage has been set to write to three different sequential files. How many instances

of the Sequential File stage will run in parallel?

A. One.

B. Two.

C. Three.

D. The job will abort, because a configuration file with at least three nodes is required.

Answer: C



Select the appropriate IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance based on the following requirements/

specified use: ?Service level management and monitoring ?Intelligent load distribution and dynamic routing

?Entry-level device, slim footprint (1U form) ?Does not need IMS Connect or SFTP support

A. B2B Appliance XB62

B. Integration Appliance XI52

C. Blade Integration Appliance XI50B

D. Service Gateway Appliance XG45

Correct Answer: D


A user in the op_storage group logs onto the DS GUI and goes to the User Administration panel. Which

users can be seen and what actions can be performed?

A. the user can see all other users, including those in the Admin group, but can modify only the user

accounts in theOp_volume and Monitor group

B. the user can see all the users except those in the Admin group, but can only modify the user\’s own


C. the user can see only the user\’s own account, and cannot modify it

D. the user can see only the user\’s own account, and can change the password only

Correct Answer: D


How can cloud computing improve service delivery?

A. By providing monthly or pay per usage billing models

B. By abstracting underlying hardware using virtualization

C. By enabling service providers to provide multi-instance solutions

D. By automating processes used to request and provision workloads

Answer: D