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Some system values were changed as the result of an audit. The administrator noticed that saves are faster, but that recoveries now take longer to complete. Which system value setting would cause this to happen?

A. Setting the QDSKCMP system value to 1 to compress the data on disk

B. Setting the QPERADJ system value to 2 to dynamically adjust the performance

C. Setting the QSAVACCPTH system value to 0 indicates that access paths will not be saved

D. Setting the QALWQBJRST system value to *ALWVLDERR to allow the restore of programs with validation errors to be restored

Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

The Web site for a financial services company will include both web-based trading (e-trades) and

the financial research reports to help investors make their decisions. As part of the application

architecture, note the following:

* As the data interchange format between the web-based application and the companyQUESTION NO:27

An administrator issues the WRKSYSACT command on a system partition using dedicated processors and the following result displays:

Current processing capacity 2

What does the current processing capacity value indicate?

A. The percentage of CPU currently available for system jobs.

B. The share of the physical processors in the pool it is running.

C. The number of processing units currently assigned to the partition.

D. The number of virtual processors that are currently active in the partition.

Correct Answer: C


A developer is using a Worklight Studio installation that is configured with the Android 2.2 SDK and the

corresponding Google USB driver. The developer has connected an Android device to the machine via a

USB cable. The developer tries to run the application on the device but does not see the device listed as a

target. What can be a cause for this issue?

A. Worklight does not support testing on Android 2.2 devices.

B. Installed Google USB driver is deprecated and must be explicitly enabled.

C. Installed Google USB driver does not support the device connected to the machine.


The worklight.properties file of the application is not configured to allow USB connection.

Correct Answer: C


An administrator maintains a IBM i 6.1 development system with weekly PTF updates so the current cumulative, appropriate groups and current HIPER PTEs are always present for testing.

An upgrade to IBM i 7.1 is planned for the system.

What is critical for making certain that current fixes will also be present on the new release?

A. The PTF cross-reference PSP document

B. The Cumulative PTE contents PSP document

C. The IBM i Upgrade and Corrections PSP document

D. The IBM i Memo to Users Corrections PSP document

Correct Answer: A