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A solution implementer needs to generate an X.509 private key and provide an associated Certificate

Signing Request (CSR) to a certificate authority for signing and issuing of an associated public certificate.

The private key, certificate signing request, and public certificate files must be archived in a certificate

management system external to the appliance.

Which one of the following requests to the XML Management Interface will the solution implementer use to

satisfy this requirement?



C. C.


Correct Answer: C


A company would like to use a DataPower appliance to process messages from 3 different systems. The

protocols for each system are: HTTP, HTTPS, and MQ. The solution implementer wants to use a single

multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service to handle all 3 types of messages. How can the solution

implementer configure the MPGW service?

A. Create 3 Front Side Handlers, one for each protocol

B. Create 1 shared HTTP/HTTPS Front Side Handler, and 1 MQ Front Side Handler

C. Only 1 Front Side Handler can be used for each MPGW

D. All Front Side Handlers for a MPGW must be of same protocol type

Correct Answer: A


What XSL construct is BEST used when designing XSL style sheets that can be influenced at


A developer has been asked to review a component in an existing implementation and suggest

improvements in its design. Orders from the web site are being received via a JMS queue. An

integration server picks up the message and creates the order. The Sales Order information is

being sent to the data warehousing system on the on_success event of the createOrder API. The

communication channel to the data warehousing system is secured web service. Which two are

potential issues with this approach?

A. Integration with data warehousing systems must be done only after the order has been

sourced, and not at the time of order creation.

B. If the data warehousing system does not respond in a timely fashion, it could have a cascading

effect on the rate of order creation.

C. An alternative messaging mechanism like JMS or flat files must be used as secured web

services is not supported by the product.

D. If the web service is not available resulting in an unhandled exception within the on_success

event, the transaction will get rolled back and theorder will not get created.

E. Events are meant to invoke other APIs in succession, and should not be used for

communicating with external systems. A customtime-triggered agent must be used for

communicating with the web service.

Answer: B,D



One of the key decision making factors in a very competitive opportunity will be cost.

Companycom needs an aggregate rPerf rating of 120. What is the best solution?

A. Two p5 570 16 way 1.9 MHz machines

B. One p5 590 32 way 1.65 MHz machines

C. One p5 595 32 way 1.65 MHz machines

D. Two p5 570 16 way 1.65 MHz machines

Answer: D