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To optimize performance on an IBM System Storage DS8000, the input/output activity should be spread

across .

A. multiple LUNs in a single array

B. multiple switches

C. multiple host bus adapters

D. multiple internal servers

Correct Answer: C


A systems service processor is being connected to a redundant HMC. Which of the following is required to

support DHCP server on dual HMCs?

A. The two HMCs must be on different subnets.

B. The redundant HMC must have the \’Redundant DHCP Range\’ check box selected on ethernet ent0


C. Both HMCs must be running RMC on a shared private network.

D. The first HMC must be set as primary DHCP range.

Correct Answer: A


A customer business requirement addresses data encryption implemented in tape and disk media. They

plan to deploy a DS8700 to provide enterprise class storage and plan to configure the DS8700 with SSD

and Fiber Channel disk drives. Which statement is TRUE regarding disk encryption?

A. SSD disk encryption does not consume space

B. SSD disk is faster than FC disk for encryption

C. no space is wasted due to encryption on DS8700

D. there is higher processor utilization using FDE drives

Correct Answer: C


An administrator needs to set up and configure a monitor for disk usage under Management Central. Monitors, Based on the image shown, which option is used to set up this monitor?

A. Job

B. File

C. System

D. Message

Correct Answer: C


A developer created an encrypted cache with the function. When the function

is triggered, the following status code is returned:


status code mean?

A. The encrypted cache was created successfully, though it was only secured by a user

provided password.

B. The application failed to create the encrypted cache because the Worklight server was

unavailable for some reason.


The encrypted cache already existed with a previously created random key, so it was not

possible to create it again with a new key.


The application failed to create the encrypted cache, because there was no parameter provided

in the function call to generate the randomkey.

Correct Answer: B