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A customer is using the WebSphere V6 Default messaging provider as the messaging service.

The customer has the following configuration. Cell C1 has Bus A and B, whereas Cell C2 has Bus

C. All of the following are supported optional EXCEPT.

A. Configuring a link between Bus A and Bus B.

B. Configuring WebSphere MQ as a Foreign bus.

C. Configuring a link between Bus b AND Bus C.

D. Running a JMS Client on Bus A that gets messages from a destination on Bus C.

Answer: D


An administrator is creating a WPAR with isolated file system spaces. Before creating the WPAR, what

should the administrator do?

A. Add the IP address of the new WPAR to the /etc/hosts file in the global environment

B. Ensure the bos.wpars fileset is installed on the system.

C. Add the /wparfilesystem to the global environment

D. Ensure the target disk for the WPAR is not in use.

Correct Answer: C


In a company, WebSphere Application Server runs on a computer called

was.hypothetical.com. It is protected by WebSEAL, running as the main Web server on

www.hypothetical.com. The IBM Tivoli Access Manager (Tivoli Access Manager) Policy

Server runs on a computer called pdmgr.hypothetical.com, which also runs an

authorization server. There is a separateauthorization server on pdacld.hypothetical.com.

The user registry for both Tivoli Access Manager and WebSphere Application Server is

IBM Tivoli Directory Server, running on ldap.hypothetical.com. All the servers use the

default ports.What is the policy server value when configuring Tivoli Access Manager for

Java Authorization Contract for Containers?

A. pdmgr.hypothetical.com:7136

B. pdmgr.hypothetical.com:7135

C. pdmgr.hypothetical.com:7135:1,pdacld.hypothetical:7135:2

D. pdmgr.hypothetical.com:7136:1,pdacld.hypothetical:7136:2

Answer: B



Which is a benefit of using the IBM DS8000 FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE)?

A. FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) is much faster than the traditional DS8000 full-volume FlashCopy

B. FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) also supports background copy


FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) is optimized for use in cases where a high percentage of the source volume

is updated during the life of the relationship


the additional capacity required forFlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) must only be planned for data which is

changed on the source volume during host I/O transaction

Correct Answer: D


A customer is consolidating two POWER6 595 servers to a single Power 795. The two 595 servers each

have 24 active processors and have the following LPARs using dedicated processors, running


The new Power 795 system will have two Processor Books (nodes), each with 8 cores activated in all

MCMs (Multi Chip Modules).

LPAR1 is in need of more processing power. If all the other LPARs keep their existing Processor

allocation, what is the maximum number of processors which can be allocated to LPAR1?

A. 27

B. 32

C. 36

D. 100

Correct Answer: B