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A new system is being implemented with NPIV storage. The administrator checks disk availability and

notices that there are more disks than expected, and that some are already in use.

What is the cause of this?

A. SAN single initiator zoning was configured.

B. NPIV zoning is disabled.

C. SAN multi-initiator zoning was configured.

D. NPIV zone mapping has duplicate WWPNs.

Correct Answer: C


A developer is writing an application that needs to support the HTC Thunderbolt and Motorola DROID Pro

devices. Using the Mobile Browser Simulator to preview the application, how can the developer switch

from one device to the other?

A. Launch a separate instance of Mobile Browser Simulator for each device.

B. Click the Switch label, then expand Android and select Motorola DROID Pro.

C. Click the drop down menu currently labeled HTC Thunderbolt, then expand Android and select

Motorola DROID Pro.

D. Click the Cordova API in the left hand side, expand the Device section and change the device simulator

from HTC Thunderbolt to MotorolaDROID Pro.

Correct Answer: C


Two DS8700 systems have been proposed for a disk-to-disk BC solution. Each system has 200 TB

installed, with a data change rate of 18% per day. Two 2 Gbps CWDM links are in place between the

remote data centers with an average utilization rate of 55%. The proposed solution includes additional

CWDM ports. Which of the following should justify the additional CWDM ports?

A. the Disk Magic configuration report

B. an engineer from thetelcom providing the dark fiber


the bandwidth calculations


aCompeteLine analysis

Correct Answer: C


A new Disaster Recovery site has been established using Metro Mirror to hold synchronous data at both

sites. After the Metro Mirror is started, one of the most important applications, a DB2 database, slows down.

An analysis shows that the I/O rate (especially write I/Os) is less than 40% compared to the former rates.

What is the best explanation for this behavior?

A. the bandwidth of the PPRC connection between the two sites is too small — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

B. the DS8000 SFI at the remote site was shipped with slower disks

C. I/O rates vary, depending on the distance between the two sites and the rates cannot be changed

easily, due to latency

D. the DB2 database does not work with Metro Mirror without an additional license

Correct Answer: C


The network requirements for an appliance state that there should be an internal network used for

the management Ethernet interface and all other Ethernet interfaces will use the same external

network. With these requirements in mind, how can the solution implementer configure the

Ethernet Interfaces to ensure only the specified internal network uses the management interface

and all other outgoing traffic uses one of the other interfaces?

A. Develop a style sheet for content based routing that uses host header.

B. Define Secondary Addresses for the internal network on all interfaces.

C. Define Default Gateways on all interfaces with TCP Window Scaling enabled.

D. Define Static Route for internal network on the management interface and configure the Default

Gateway on all other interfaces.

Answer: D