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A developer has created a new agent that checks if the orders that are in the \’Created\’ status are

valued at more than $1000. If they are valued at more than $1000 it does a credit verification

before scheduling the order. This custom agent needs to be executed every 4 hours. When

creating the infrastructure for the transaction, what should the developer define it as?

A. Purge agent

B. Scheduling agent

C. Non task-based agent

D. Task Queue Syncher agent

Answer: C



What is one reason the customer should install IBM DS8000 Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology for

the Call Home function?

A. to avoid using a more expensive dial-up modem

B. to load new licensed internal code

C. to achieve more efficient and faster problem resolution

D. to enable capacity on demand

Correct Answer: C


A storage specialist needs to automate some tasks triggered in the event of disaster recovery. What is the

best solution to accomplish this?


using the DS GUI, step through Real Time Manager, Copy Services, Create custom scripts; actions

and event conditions can be defined that triggerthe script; there is no need for a password


create a shell script usingdscli commands; trigger the script from the operating system, and call the

script using the -pwd option with the password


create a password file; create a shell script using dscli commands; trigger the script from the operating



create a password file; create a shell script usingdscli commands; trigger the script from the operating

system; call the dscli script with the dscli -script -pwdfile command

Correct Answer: C


A retailer currently fulfills orders based only on on-hand inventory at its distribution centers (DCs).

The retailer has introduced a specialty item that requires special handling at the DC as part of the

pick pack ship process. To account for the additional processing time, the DC has requested it be

sent the order at least \’2\’ days before the expected ship date of the product. How can this

requirement be achieved?

A. Scheduling rule can be configured to “Schedule an order only 2 days before expected date of


B. The order can be put on a scheduling hold, and the hold released 2 days before the expected

date of shipment.

C. Item level control can be used to configure the node notification time for this item as 48 hours

prior to the expected ship date.

D. Orders for this item should be stamped with the expected ship date of current date 2 days to

allow for the time taken by the DC operations.

Answer: C



IBM support asks that currently active system firmware level (MHxxxxx) be deactivated, so the system can run on the older level. How is this accomplished?

A. Run command DLTPTF PTE (M) RMV (*TEMP).

B. Run the WRKFMWSTS command. Select option 4 on the *TEMP line and press “enter”.

C. On the system panel, change the IPL mode to “B” and “P. Then restart the system.

D. Run command RMVPTF LICPGM(5770SS1)SELECT(MHxxxxx) DELAYED(*YES),then restart the partition.

Correct Answer: C