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The EJB container in one of the cluster members handles an EJB client call from outside of the

container. The cluster member fails. The client\’s request will be automatically redirected to a

service in another available server. All of the following are involved in redirecting the client\’s

request EXCEPT:

A. The High Availability Manager

B. Application Server cluster

C. EJB workload amangement (WLM)

D. IBM Dispatcher Service

Answer: D


Which of the following approaches can be used to reduce the time needed to parse an XML


A. Use parameter entities to shorten DTDs.

B. Refer to external entities over a network connection to avoid reading from a disk.

C. Use general entities to shorten instance documents by reusing content that appears


D. Use entities to eliminate the need for validation.

Answer: A, C


A user in the op_storage group logs onto the DS GUI and goes to the User Administration panel. Which

users can be seen and what actions can be performed?

A. the user can see all other users, including those in the Admin group, but can modify only the user

accounts in theOp_volume and Monitor group

B. the user can see all the users except those in the Admin group, but can only modify the user\’s own


C. the user can see only the user\’s own account, and cannot modify it

D. the user can see only the user\’s own account, and can change the password only

Correct Answer: D


An insurance customer installs two BladeCenter chassis in a rack with glass doors. After a short

time, the blowers in both BladeCenters increase to full speed, and then one fails. Apart from

replacing the broken blower, which additional action is required for a long term fix?

A. Add Rear Door HeateXchanger

B. Add fans to the top of the racks

C. Increase circulation from Data Center raised floor

D. Change to perforated doors

Answer: D


A customer needs 40 TB for Tier 2 Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) data installed on the System

z/VM. Their current data center is critically short of floor space. Which of the following would satisfy the

customer requirement?

A. a DS5300 withFibre Channel drives

B. an XIV with 15 modules of 1 TB drives

C. a DS5100 with 2 TB SATA drives

D. an XIV with 6 modules of 1 TB drives

Correct Answer: B

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