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The OBJECTS parameter of a client schedule lists objects for the specified action to be performed

by the schedule. For which action is the OBJECTS parameter optional?

A. Restore

B. Selective

C. Incremental

D. Image Backup

Answer: C


A customer business requirement addresses data encryption implemented in tape and disk media. They

plan to deploy a DS8700 to provide enterprise class storage and plan to configure the DS8700 with SSD

and Fiber Channel disk drives. Which statement is TRUE regarding disk encryption?

A. SSD disk encryption does not consume space

B. SSD disk is faster than FC disk for encryption

C. no space is wasted due to encryption on DS8700

D. there is higher processor utilization using FDE drives

Correct Answer: C


Programmers working on a software development project frequently need to save their development library (LIBX) at the prior release level of the operating system.

The administrator needs to change the default value of the SAVLIB command parameter to accommodate the programmers” prior release save requirement.

The default value before the change was: SAVLIB LIB(LIBX) TGTRLS(*CURRENT) The default value after the change will be: SAVLIB LIB(LIBX) TGTRLS(*PRV)

What should the administrator do to facilitate the change?

A. Adjust the system value QFRCCVNRST (Force conversion on restore) to *PRV.

B. Use the Change Command Default (CHGCMDDFT) command to change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

C. Use the Save Restore Configuration (SAVRSTCFG) command to change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

D. Use the command WRKREGINF to modify the exit point program QIBM_SAV_SECURITY and change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

Correct Answer: B


A company is running IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V5.5 on Windows. There are plans to

replace the old hardware and software with completely new systems. The new planned TSM

platform is Linux. In the old environment there are two TSM instances running. What is the best

way to upgrade to a new TSM V6.2 system?

A. Set up the new system and start new backups on all clients.

B. Back up the database on the old system, restore it on the new system, and then upgrade the

database withdsmupgdx to IBM DB2.

C. Install the new software on the old system, perform the upgrade to IBM DB2 with theutlility

dsmupgdx, back up the database, and restore the database on the new system.

D. Install TSM V6.2 on the new system, initialize the instances withdsmicfgx, and export and

import server to server all definitions from the old system to the new one.

Answer: D


What are two required steps when configuring Delegated Administration in an IBM Tivoli

Access Manager V6.1.1 environment? (Choose two.)

A. create group container objects

B. add sec_master to the delegate-admin group

C. create appropriate administration groups for the container objects

D. assign Domain Administrator permissions to each of the enterprise domains

E. attach ACL policy for the delegated administration groups to the /Management/Groups


Answer: A,C