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A P0WER7 system has been recently installed and 4 uncapped shared processor LPARs have been


The use of Multiple Shared Processor Pools has been decided upon for licensing and performance


When adding PROD1 to the Production pool via the command line, the following error is given “This

operation is not allowed because the partition is using dedicated processors”

Why is this error being received?

A. P0WER6 mode is enabled

B. LPAR has not been powered on

C. LPAR has been powered on

D. The Pool has insufficient processor units

Correct Answer: B


How can virtual processors be differentiated from dedicated processors from a physical processor


A. Dedicated processors are fractions of whole processors that are dedicated to a single partition.

B. Virtual processors are the whole number of concurrent operations that the operating system

can use.

C. Virtual processors and not dedicated processors are processors used in Virtual IO Server


D. Virtual processors and dedicated processors are interchangeable concepts, both are whole

physical processors used in virtual and dedicated LPARs.

Answer: B


Why would XML developer choose to convert XML documents to HTML on the server side?

A. Client web browser support for XML differs from browser to browser.

B. The load on the server due to conversion will increase with each additional client.

C. Server-side processing ensures quick response time.

D. Validation of the XML is not one of the major concerns.

Answer: A


Companycom is considering a large partitioned p5 590 to consolidate several smaller systems in

their data center. Due to the complexity of the consolidation, the customer is asking the technical

support specialist to give them a report which shows pre order PCI adapter placement and

validates them against IBM\’s recommendations. The concern is that the factory will not install the

adapters in the appropriate slots as the customer pre-selected. What IBM tool is available to

provide this?

A. LPAR Validation Tool (LVT)

B. Personal Systems Configurator (PSC)

C. IBM Configuration for eBusiness (eConfig)

D. Advanced System Management Interface (ASMI)

Answer: A


During a review of environmental requirements before ordering an IBM System z9 server and IBM System

Storage DS8700, the customer states that the available power is 220 volts AC. Which feature

should be included with the DS8700 order?

A. Low Voltage

B. High Voltage

C. Remote System z Power Control

D. Battery Assembly

Correct Answer: A