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A company has stated that a supervisor search is required within a number of activities for their Office

Requisition Process. A BPM application developer has chosen to implement this search within a coach

view using AJAX. Refer to the variable declarations of the coach view below.

The configuration option retrieveSupervisors is of Type Service. Assuming that the AJAX function

parameters are properly specified within the variable serviceArgs, how would the developer invoke the

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AJAX service within the appropriate coach view event handler?

A. this.context.options.RetrieveSupervisors(serviceArgs);

B. this.context.options.retrieveSupervisors(serviceArgs);

C. this.context.options.get(“RetrieveSupervisors”, serviceArgs);

D. this.context.options.get(“retrieveSupervisors”, serviceArgs);

Correct Answer: B


A new Disaster Recovery site has been established using Metro Mirror to hold synchronous data at both

sites. After the Metro Mirror is started, one of the most important applications, a DB2 database, slows down.

An analysis shows that the I/O rate (especially write I/Os) is less than 40% compared to the former rates.

What is the best explanation for this behavior?

A. the bandwidth of the PPRC connection between the two sites is too small — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

B. the DS8000 SFI at the remote site was shipped with slower disks

C. I/O rates vary, depending on the distance between the two sites and the rates cannot be changed

easily, due to latency

D. the DB2 database does not work with Metro Mirror without an additional license

Correct Answer: C


How does the Complex Flat File stage (CFF) support the use of OCCURS clauses within COBOL


A. Each element of the OCCURS clause is treated as a subrecord.

B. The CFF stage cannot process COBOL files with OCCURS clauses.

C. Each element of the OCCURS clause is treated as a column of raw data.

D. Each element of the OCCURS clause is treated as a separate element in an array.

Answer: D



When using the loop functionality in a transformer, which statement is true regarding Transformer


A. Stage variables can be referenced in loop conditions.

B. Stage variables can be executed after loop variable expressions.

C. Loop variable expressions are executed before input link column expressions.

D. Output links can be excluded from being associated with a True loop condition.

Answer: A



A solution implementer needs to add custom headers required by the back-end system to all

request messages. A stylesheet based Transform action is used to add the necessary headers.

Which DataPower capabilities can the solution implementer use to verify that the required headers

have been added properly? (choose 2)

A. The Headers tab in the service to view the Header Injection parameters.

B. The multi-step probe to check the values in the Headers tab before and after the Transform


C. Debug logging at the backend service to confirm that the necessary header values have been


D. to print the header values to the audit log file and check the audit log file during


E. to print the header values to the system log file and check the system log file

during testing.

Answer: B,E