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XML Schemas can be used to define which of the following?

A. New built-in simple data types

B. New data types with numeric range limitations

C. New data types limited to an enumerated set of values

D. New data types that must fit a particular format, such as a phone number

E. New data types automatically, based on actual values found in an XML document

Answer: B, C, D


According to the so-called Upstream Queuing model for performance tuning, which of the

following would reflect the correct application of recommended settings for maximum concurrent


A. Web server=75, Web container=50, Datasource=25

B. Web server=50, Web container=50, Datasource=50

C. Web server=25, Web container=50, Datasource=75

D. Web server=75, Web container=25, Datasource=50

Answer: A


An IBM Business Partner sells an IBM System Storage DS8700 to a customer. Who is responsible for the

installation and set up of the storage server?

A. purchasing customer

B. IBM Installation Readiness Team

C. IBM Customer Engineer

D. IBM Business Partner

Correct Answer: C


A solution implementer is configuring a single multi-protocol gateway to dynamically route

messages to back end servers. For internal consumers the request needs to be routed to an MQ

based back end and for external consumers the request needs to be routed to an HTTP based

back end service. How can the solution implementer satisfy this requirement?

A. Use the xset-target extension function.

B. Select a route action with an XPath routing map.

C. Set the variable var://service/routing-url.

D. Set the variables var://service/URI for the server and var://service/protocol-method for the

protocol type.

Answer: C



To optimize performance on an IBM System Storage DS8000, the input/output activity should be spread

across .

A. multiple LUNs in a single array

B. multiple switches

C. multiple host bus adapters

D. multiple internal servers

Correct Answer: C