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An administrator is upgrading 5 partitions on a single system to a new IBM i release.

The IBM i partitions share a tape library configured with one drive per partition. There is one DVD drive on the system shared by the all the partitions.

The maintenance window is long enough to upgrade at most one partition using DVD media. Which approach allows the administrator to complete all the upgrades within the maintenance window?

A. Build an image catalog with the distribution media, and copy to all partitions.Install each partition from its image catalog image.

B. Build an image catalog on a Linux PC, and share it with NES to all partitions.Concurrently update all the partitions using network install to the virtualized image catalog.

C. Build an image catalog with the distribution media on one partition.Save the directory with the DVD images to tapes so there is one tape for each partition. Use an alternate IPL device to install from the tapes.

D. Concurrently IPL all partitions in “D” mode to the DVD drive in shared mode.When all the partitions complete using one DVD and prompt for the next one, insert the next DVD in the drive and respond to the prompts.

Correct Answer: A


The administrator has been asked to install the latest system firmware on an HMC managed system. There is no service partition. The most recent cumulative PTF package and Group PTFs were installed, but the firmware did not get updated.

What is required to install the firmware on this system?

A. System Firmware must be installed from the HMC.

B. System Firmware must be installed from the ASMI interlace.

C. Perform a platform IPL and select the T side for the System Firmware.

D. Perform a platform IPL to complete the installation of the System Firmware.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator needs to have a selected group of users run their batch jobs at priority 40, instead of the default of 50. in the QBATCH subsystem. In what work management object can the default run priority be specified for a group of jobs?

A. Class

B. Pouting Entry

C. Job Description

D. Subsystem Description

Correct Answer: A


A customer has two data centers, 500 kilometers apart. The customer requests a proposal for new

storage subsystems and a disaster recovery solution that provides consistent data in the event of a

disaster at the local site. Which IBM System Storage DS8000 solution should the storage specialist

propose to the client?

A. Metro/Global Mirror

B. Metro Mirror

C. Global Copy

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D. Global Mirror

Correct Answer: D


If a system administrator is creating a wsadmin script, and within the script it is necessary to

create several JMS Connection Factories and JDBC. Dtasources, which of the following wsadmin

scripting objects should be used?

A. AdminConfig

B. AdminControl

C. AdminApp

D. AdminTask

Answer: A