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A healthcare provider has two applications that they need to redundantly protect in a SAN environment.

Their patient record application runs on Oracle 11i and consists of many small, randomly accessed files.

The database is kept on three clustered Sun servers and currently uses 30 TB of data space. Their

imaging application that retains and manages x-rays, consists of Filenet, CommonStore, and TSM

running on an IBM Power750 server, and is currently using 65 TB of data space. Which of the following

disk solutions meets the customer\’s requirement?

A. IBM System Storage DS8700 2 way

B. IBM System Storage DCS9900

C. IBM System Storage DS8700 4 way

D. IBM XIV Storage System

Correct Answer: C

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The business owner of a purchasing process has requested a report that displays the total time of three

activities. What should the BPM application developer use to send the data to the Performance Data

Warehouse to create this report?

A. A Timing Interval

B. A Service Level Agreement

C. Exposed Process Variables

D. Shared Business Objects

Correct Answer: A


A solution implementer needs to integrate a DataPower appliance with an IMS COBOL

application. The multi-protocol gateway is created with an HTTP Front Side Handler and an IMS

Connect backside URL of the form dpims://. The EBCDIC Header Conversion is configured as

“on” in the IMS Connect object. What benefit(s) can the solution implementer achieve by using this

Header Conversion option?

A. Converts IMS headers to ASCII encoding

B. Converts IMS headers to EBCDIC encoding

C. Converts both IMS headers and payload to ASCII encoding

D. Converts both IMS headers and payload to EBCDIC encoding

Answer: B



A DataPower application is to be deployed to development, test, pre-production, and production

environments. The solution implementer has the requirement to make the application migration easier and

portable. What can the solution implementer use to accomplish this?

A. Unique System Identifiers and map variables to each system identifier

B. Explicit IP Address in Front Side Handler and Back End Remote Host

C. Deployment Policy, Host Alias, Static Host, and externalize end points

D. SLM Policy, Configuration Checkpoints, and Compare Configuration tool

Correct Answer: C


A developer wants to write a push notification application where the message will be sent to a specific

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subscriber on a specific device. Which API should be used?

A. WL.Server.notifyAllDevices(userSubscription, options)

B. WL.Client.notifyDevice(userSubscription, device, options)

C. WL.Server.notifyDevice(userSubscription, device, options)

D. WL.Server.notifyDeviceSubscription(deviceSubscription, options)

Correct Answer: C