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An administrator is using *BASIC assistance level. A new user profile is created using option 1 – Add, from the Work with User Enrollment screen. Additional special authorities need to be assigned to the profile. When creating the profile, the administrator does not see available parameters to complete this task. What must the administrator do to add the special authorities?

A. When editing the profile, press F9 to reveal additional configuration options.

B. Use the WRKUSRPRF command and select option 9-Work with Authority on the profile.

C. Finish creating the profile then, using the CHGUSRPRF command, press EIO to see additional parameters.

D. Save the user profile, then use option 2 to change the profile from the Work with User Enrollment screen.

Correct Answer: C


During the pre-installation planning of a customer\’s recently purchased IBM System Storage DS8700 the

port configuration, cabling, and disk layout were discussed. What other topic should be discussed in this

solution review?

A. LPAR capacity planning

B. logical volume configuration

C. data migration process

D. audit hosts for HBA worldwide port names

Correct Answer: C


A solution implementer is tasked to use a DataPower appliance as an intermediary for providing

Web 2.0 services. Which of the following features of Web 2.0 messages should the solution

implementer be aware of when designing the solution? (choose two)

A. Web 2.0 messages can arrive with an empty body.

B. Web 2.0 messages can be secured by WS-Security.

C. Web 2.0 use cases are best suited for a web service proxy service.

D. Web 2.0 REST messages can use HTTP POST methods like SOAP messages.

E. Web 2.0 message and a SOAP message cannot be processed by the same processing policy

and front side handler of a DataPower Service.

Answer: A,D



Which network protocol does the “Ping Remote” DataPower function use to test network

connectivity to a remote system?




D. Multicast UDP

Answer: C



A BPM application developer has created a coach view that will be used for building user interfaces for

several teams in the department. Before releasing the coach view into production, the department chair

has asked the developer to present at the department meeting to allow other developers to become

familiar with the coach view. A portion of the view is shown below:

What statement regarding the coach view will the developer make while presenting? Users of the coach

view will be able to customize:

A. specific instances of the view by setting multiple properties on the view instance.

B. specific instances of the view by setting default values for the configuration options in the load event


C. the behavior of all instances of the coach view by setting the configuration options in the coach view


D. the behavior of all instances of the coach view by setting the configuration options in the validate event


Correct Answer: A