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An administrator has a save file with user created program objects that were created on another system. One of the programs cannot be restored.

What is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. The restore command used specified Force Object Conversion parameter as *NO.

B. The program was being restored to a library that is missing a referenced file.

C. The program was compiled using TGTRLS(*CURRENT) on a system at a later release.

D. The program was compiled using TGTRLS specifying a release prior to the release installed on the system.

Correct Answer: C


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A customer will be ordering a number of small POWER7 machines which require that PCIe cards be

placed in a particular configuration. These will be shipped to small customer branches where technical

resource is limited. Which feature will direct IBM manufacturing to place PCIe cards as required?

A. Customer Specified Placement (CSP)

B. Customer Certified Installation (CCI)

C. Approved Hardware Configuration (AHC)

D. Build to Order (BtO)

Correct Answer: A


What is required of all user profiles that use objects in an independent ASP?

A. Users must have authority to the ASP device description.

B. Users must be a member of the group profile that owns the ASP.

C. The ASP group name must be specified in the initial library list.

D. The users need to be part of the QASPGRP authorization list to allow access.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION NO:60

A customer is installing a new POWER7 server with IBM i as the host partition for three additional IBM i

partitions. The server has just one 4 port Ethernet card.

The administrator needs to achieve IP connectively for all four partitions.

What should the administrator do?

A. Purchase additional Ethernet cards for the client partitions.

B. Connect each partition to one of the ports on the 4 port Ethernet card.

C. On the hosting partition, create a bridge using one of the ports of the Ethernet card to a virtual Ethernet network. Connect each of the client partitions to the virtual Ethernet network.

D. Connect each partition to a virtual network.Configure IP on each client partition to use the host partition as an IP gateway.Add routes to the corporate router pointing to the host partition as the gateway to the client partitions.

Correct Answer: C