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Which of the following statements reflects the BEST approach to rendering XML in a diverse

range of clients?

A. Format the XML during the XSL Transformation phase on the server using Format Objects

based on xsl:template rules.

B. Format the XML during the XSL Transformation phase on the server using xsl: output in

conjunction with an xsl:choose and various xsl:when statements.

C. Format the XML DOM in the middle tier XML application and deliver the objects to the

requesting client.

D. Use a combination of XSL Transformation processing and application processing to provide

the necessary formatting to render the XML for specific uses.

Answer: D


What is the correct order to create an object in a new IBM System Storage DS8000 to get a LUN provided

to a host?

A. rank, array, extent pool, volumes, volume group, host connections

B. rank, array, extent pool, volume group, volumes, host connections

C. array, rank, extent pool, volume group, volumes, host connections

D. array, extent pool, volumes, rank, volume group, host connections

Correct Answer: C


A customer wants to purchase an IBM System Storage DS8700 to support a high-performance database

environment. Which technical solution gives the customer the best relationship between I/O performance

at the machine\’s backend vs. capacity installed in the machine?

A. additional installation of the first and second expansion frame will increase the backend performance


B. the usage of 300 GB/15k FC disks will give the server a high-performance backend capability

C. performance Accelerator restricts the number of disks connected to one device adapter pair to 32 disks

D. the second RIO-G loop between the base frame and the first expansion increases the backend


Correct Answer: C


A developer is debugging a Worklight Adapter procedure that has been configured with the following

securityTest property in the adapter configuration file:

When the adapter procedure getSecureFeed is invoked by the client, the developer has noted that the

Worklight Server responds with HTML content rather than the expected JSON content from

getSecuredFeed function.

Which assertion is correct?

A. The Worklight Server is returning a dynamically generated HTML form indicating that the request is


B. The Adapter procedure is protected by either Form-based authenticator or Java-based (using custom

Login Module).

C. The Adapter procedure is protected by Adapter-based authenticator and the Worklight Server has

rejected the authentication.

D. The Adapter procedure is protected by Form-based authenticator and the Worklight Server is

responding to an unauthenticated request.

Correct Answer: D


A VIO server provides a virtual Fibre Channel adapter to each of 2 LPARs. The HBA has recently been

replaced on the VIO server. After the VIO server was rebooted, the clients LPARs were also rebooted. The

LUNs are now showing as “Defined” instead of “Available”. What is the cause?

A. The HBA created new WWPNs on the virtual Fibre Channel adapters.

B. The HBA requires an initial configuration to be performed.

C. The client virtual Fibre Channel adapters were configured via DLPAR.

D. The client virtual Fibre Channel needs a map to the new WWPNs.

Correct Answer: C