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A system administrator is making sure that the SSL communications between the plug-in and the

application server are as secure as possible. While configuring SSL for the plug-in what steps

should be taken to ensure the BEST possible security?

A. Replace the private key

B. Replace the plugin-key kdb file

C. Remove the public key

D. Remove the DummyKeyring kdb file

Answer: B


A company has DataPower XI52 physical appliances supporting its production environment. The only

optional feature that these appliances support is the Option for Application Optimization. The company also

uses DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 Virtual Edition for Non Production Environment for its

development and test environment. Development management is concerned about their developers using

features on the virtual appliance that are not licensed on the production appliances. How can the solution

implementer restrict the use of specific features on the virtual appliances?

A. Download the correctly-featured firmware from IBM Fix Central. Upload the firmware to the virtual

appliance and reinitialize the appliance.

B. Download the correctly-featured firmware from IBM Fix Central. Upload the firmware to the virtual

appliance and perform a boot image.

C. Download the appropriate feature_disable_tool.scrypt4 tools from IBM Fix Central. Upload each tool to

the virtual appliance and perform a boot image.

D. Copy the store:///license.xml file from a production appliance to the virtual appliance to limit the virtual

appliance to the production appliance\’s licensed features.

Correct Answer: C


Companycom is considering a partitioned solution which will require cumulative rPerf total of 150.

The original sizing came back recommending a 32-way p5 590. However, they have a

requirement for future scalability and availability is important. Which of the following would be the

best reason to recommend a p5 595?

A. The p5 595 would allow for COD

B. The p5 595 includes the Advanced Power Virtualization hardware and software

C. The p5 595 is priced the same as the p5 590 given the same number/type of CPUs

D. The p5 595 performance would be equivalent to the p5 590 given the same number/type of


Answer: A


An internet client is requesting a servlet from their web browser. Assuming that all internet client

requests are first routed to an IP sprayer, which of the following components would typically be

involved in the flow of the request from client to servlet?

A. JMS server, LDAP server, and EJB container

B. External HTTP server, HTTP server Plug-in, and web container

C. Embedded HTTP server, web container, and EJB container

D. Embedded HTTP server, JMS server, and authentication proxy server

Answer: B


Your customer is using Source Code Control Integration for Information server and have tagged

artifacts for version 1. You must create a deployment package from the version 1. Before you

create the package you will have to ensure the project is up to date with version 1. What two

things must you do to update the meta-data repository with the artifacts tagged as version 1?

(Choose two.)

A. Right-click the asset and click the Deploy command.

B. Right-click the asset and click the Team Import command.

C. Right-click the asset and click Update From Source Control Workspace.

D. Right-click the asset and click Replace From Source Control Workspace.

E. Right-click the asset and click the Team command to update the Source Control Workspace

with the asset.

Answer: D,E