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Which of the following must a system administrator define when creating a JDBC provider at the

cluster scope?

A. All datasources for this JDBC provider at the cluster level.

B. An XA data source implementation type, for the JDBC driver.

C. The symbolic Variable used in the class path to the JDBC driver for each node in the cluster

D. The J2C authentication data entry for the datasource at the cluster scope.

Answer: C


A company has DataPower XI52 physical appliances supporting its production environment. The

only optional feature that these appliances support is the Option for Application Optimization. The

company also uses DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 Virtual Edition for Non Production

Environment for its development and test environment. Development management is concerned

about their developers using features on the virtual appliance that are not licensed on the

production appliances. How can the solution implementer restrict the use of specific features on

the virtual appliances?

A. Download the correctly-featured firmware from IBM Fix Central. Upload the firmware to the

virtual appliance and reinitialize the appliance.

B. Download the correctly-featured firmware from IBM Fix Central. Upload the firmware to the

virtual appliance and perform a boot image.

C. Download the appropriate feature_disable_tool.scrypt4 tools from IBM Fix Central. Upload each

tool to the virtual appliance and perform aboot image.

D. Copy the store:///license.xml file from a production appliance to the virtual appliance to limit the

virtual appliance to the production appliance\’slicensed features.

Answer: C



In the IBM BPM playback methodology, who is responsible for the design and implementation of process

applications and toolkits?

A. BPM analyst

B. BPM developer

C. BPM administrator

D. BPM program manager

Correct Answer: B


A GUI Editor for editing XML documents is being built. It has a view where the XML document

can be presented in a tree form. One of the requirements is that a user should be able to visually

select one or more nodes, and cut and paste them into another destination node. A parser that

conforms to the DOM API implementation is used for XML processing. Which of the following

types provided by the DOM API can be BEST used to temporarily store the nodes that have been

cut and later to append them to the destination node?

A. Document

B. DocumentFragment

C. NodeList

D. NodeMap

Answer: B


A seller can be configured to create a chained order if inventory can be procured from a different

Vendor. IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite provides configuration to suppress chained

order creation even though the seller requires chained order. Which organization level is most

appropriate for setting this configuration?

A. Node Level

B. Buyer Level

C. Carrier Level

D. Enterprise Level

Answer: D