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In addition to the objects in the /home directory, what additional objects are saved when SAV OBJ ((`/ home/\’ *INCLUDE)) is used?

A. Sub-directoriesObjects in the sub-directories

B. Sub-directoriesOmitting objects in the sub-directories

C. Security assignmentsOmitting sub-directories and their objects

D. Sub-directoriesObjects in the sub-directoriesSecurity assignments

Correct Answer: A


Where in the administrator console can the log detail levels be changed?

A. Troubleshooting -> Logs and Trace

B. System administration -> Console settings -> Preferences

C. Environment -> WebSphere Variable

D. System administration -> Console settings -> Logging

Answer: A


An organization has a sales team dedicated to create Sales Orders for the XTZ Enterprise. What

is the correct configuration for the team?

A. Document Type Access = Sales Order and Enterprise Access = XTZ Enterprise

B. Document Type Access = Sales Order and Enterprise Access = Inherited Enterprise Access

C. Document Type Access = Default Document Type Access and Enterprise Access = XTZ


D. Document Type Access = Default Document Type Access and Enterprise Access = Default

Enterprise Access

Answer: A



XML Schemas can be used to define which of the following?

A. New built-in simple data types

B. New data types with numeric range limitations

C. New data types limited to an enumerated set of values

D. New data types that must fit a particular format, such as a phone number

E. New data types automatically, based on actual values found in an XML document

Answer: B, C, D


A customer needs a remote data copy, data migration, and off-site backup solution. The solution cannot

impact application performance. The sites are over continental distances. Which characteristic of DS8700

Global Mirror makes it a good fit for this customer?

A. it provides synchronous mirroring on both sides

B. it can be implemented withoutFlashCopy volumes at the target site

C. with Global Mirror, the Metro Mirror functions can be used over continental distances


it has almost no impact on application performance because of its extremely short and adjustable

coordination time

Correct Answer: D