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A customer with in-house developed applications has many custom commands in library APPLIB that relate to the application programs. As part of a system audit, the administrator needs to run a report to determine which user profiles have authority to run the commands. Given the application library APPLIB, which report from the Security Tools menu should the administrator use to complete this task?

A. Option 21 – Adopting Objects

B. Option 40 – Program Authority

C. Option 49- User Profile Authority

D. Option 25- Command Private Authority

Correct Answer: D


How should a storage specialist access the Storage Manager console for a new IBM System Storage


A. log in to the HMC with user “admin” and open a browser; the Storage Managerconsole will start

B. open the Element Manager from a TPC console

C. install the Storage Manager software on a PC, then open a browser and enter url://localhost:8451/



launch Web System Manager, access the HMC of the DS8800, right-click and choose Start Storage

Manager console

Correct Answer: B


Given the output below from the EDTOBJTAUT (Edit Object Authority) command, what does it mean when the *PUBLIC authority for that object is set to *AUTL?

A. Only the users on the AGILE list can access the object.

B. The \’PUBLIC object authority is obtained from the AGILE \’PUBLIC authority.

C. The “PUBLIC object authority is the same as the AGILE owner\’s “PUBLIC authority.

D. A user with authorization list management permissions has object management permissions

Correct Answer: B


The Business Partner technical specialist is called to determine if the addition of host ports on an IBM

System Storage DS8700 has improved users\’ response times for an IBM System p server running SAP.

How can the improvement be verified?


check the output of the “vmstat” command on LINUX

B. check the performance reports via Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data

C. check the performance reports via Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk


check the output of the “iostat” command on AIX

Correct Answer: C


Which three components must be implemented when defining an authentication realm? (Choose three.)

A. Authenticator

B. Login module

C. Identity validator

D. Challenge handler

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E. Security certificate

F. Encryption module

G. Secure connection

Correct Answer: ABD