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A developer is using a Worklight Studio installation that is configured with the Android 2.2 SDK and the

corresponding Google USB driver. The developer has connected an Android device to the machine via a

USB cable. The developer tries to run the application on the device but does not see the device listed as a

target. What can be a cause for this issue?

A. Worklight does not support testing on Android 2.2 devices.

B. Installed Google USB driver is deprecated and must be explicitly enabled.

C. Installed Google USB driver does not support the device connected to the machine.

D. The worklight.properties file of the application is not configured to allow USB connection.

Correct Answer: C


A developer needs to debug an adapter procedure with the Invoke Worklight Procedure tool. What is

required to debug the procedure?

A. connectivity to the adapter\’s backend source

B. a running Jetty server to invoke the procedure

C. a filtered.xsl file to transform the response from the backend

D. an application connected to the adapter to view the invocation results

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Correct Answer: A


An international company has a heterogeneous IBM storage environment with two IBM DS8700 systems

in a Metro Mirror relationship. They also have a virtualized environment with two SVC clusters in a Global

Mirror relationship. The storage administrator complains about the monitoring of copy services. Which

solution should the IBM storage specialist propose for this pain point?

A. System Storage Productivity Center

B. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Replication

C. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk

D. DS8000 Storage Manager

Correct Answer: B


Following the reboot of one VIO server (VIOS) in a redundant configuration, a client is showing failed disk

paths on some channels.

What is the most likely reason the disk paths have failed?

A. MPIO drivers have not been installed on the client.

B. VIOS Fibre Channel adapters have created a private loop as the attribute init_link has not been set.

C. vSCSI and disk attributes vscsi_err_recov, vscsi_path_to and hcheck_interval have not been configured.

D. Disk attributes on VIOS for the reserve policy on the disk is not set to no_reserve.

Correct Answer: C


The DOM API has a number of