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A system has been redeployed, and is now a single partition IBM i 7.1 system with LAN Console. The administrator notices a message when using DSPPTE LICPGM (5770999) which states MHxxxxx PTFs cannot be installed.

What is the most likely reason this is occurring?

A. There is a damaged LIC PTF on the system.

B. The firmware is set to accept maintenance from an HMC.

C. INZSYS was not successfully completed when the system was reloaded.

D. The system was not completely scratched and reloaded using IPL mode “D”.

Correct Answer: B


During the migration of a partition that uses Active Memory Sharing (AMS) the following error is received:

HSCLA304: A suitable shared memory pool for the mobile partitions was not found on the destination

managed system…

Which of the following is the most probable cause?

A. The source is using redundant VIO server paging partitions and the destination has only one paging

VIO server partition in the shared memory pool.

B. The source and destination servers have different Logical Memory Block sizes.

C. The shared memory pool on the destination is larger than that specified on the source.

D. The available paging devices on the destination are all marked as redundant capable.

Correct Answer: B


A developer wants to implement an adapter authentication solution. The developer created the following

challenge handler:

What should be placed in the “to be filled” parameter?

A. realm name

B. module name

C. procedure name

D. security test name

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Correct Answer: A


A problem has been reported to a system administrator, however the system administrator is

unable to use the Log Analyzer for some reason. Which of the following is an alternative way for

the system administrator to review the Log Analyzer log file?

A. Use the dumplog command.

B. Use the showin command

C. Use any text editor although the formatting wont be as nice.

D. Format the Log Analyzer log with wsadmin and then use any text editor.

Answer: B


An administrator maintains four image catalogs on a host partition that are used by network-based virtual optical drives. Periodically, images are added or removed from the catalog and it must be re- exported.

What is the simplest method to update the share and NES export?

A. Create a CL program.

B. Create a REXX program.

C. Create a Qshell script.

D. Run the statements manually as needed.

Correct Answer: B