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What best describes the semantics modeled by the exhibit?

A. This is an illegal diagram.

B. The OrderEntity component is part of the internals of the Invoicer component.

C. The Invoicer has a complex connector that connects the GenerateInvoice interface with the

Order interface.

D. The Invoicer has a complex port that provides the interface GenerateInvoice and requires the

interface Order.

Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit.

What is the significance of the fact that the Administration interface symbol extends downward

rather than leftward?

A. There is no significance.

B. The interface cannot be provided via a port.

C. The interface does not require a delegation connector.

D. The interface is not publicly visible on the component.

E. The interface is the primary interface for the component.

F. The interface is the primary provided interface for the component.

Answer: A


An encapsulated classifier is characterized by which fact?

A. has an encapsulation shell

B. can own one or more ports

C. hides information from other classifiers

D. acts as a package and can own one or more classifiers

Answer: B


Which is true of a provided interface associated with a port?

A. represents an interface that must be defined within the classifier that owns the port

B. identifies the services that the object owning the port expects of objects connected via that


C. identifies the services that the object owning the port can offer to other objects connected via

that port

D. represents an interface that must be defined in the same package in which the classifier

owning the port is defined

Answer: C


What is NOT a purpose of a port owned by a classifier?

A. serves as an end point for connectors

specifies an association to the classifier


C. hides the internals of that classifier from other classifiers

D. provides a distinct point of interaction between the classifier and its environment

Answer: B


What does the composite structure exhibit show?

A. The diagram is not valid.

B. The two F interfaces must come from different packages.

C. Requests for behavioral features of interface F through ports p1 and p2 can be distinguished.

D. Requests for behavioral features of interface F through ports p1 and p2 will always result in

the same behavior.

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit.

How many interfaces does the CustomerService component make visible to its clients?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. 3

E. 4

Answer: D


To what does an internal structure of a class refer?

A. the inheritance structure of that class

B. the set of nested classifiers of that class

C. the set of structural features of that class

D. class and associations owned by that class

E. the decomposition of that class in terms of interconnected parts

Answer: E


What does the composite structure notation in the exhibit mean?

A. Class C has internal structure.

B. Object c1 is a kind of component.

C. Port p is connected to an object called F

D. Port p realizes the features defined by interface F

E. Port p requires the features defined by interface F

Answer: E


What is NOT true about a roles and role bindings?

A. A role binding is an association.

B. The same object may play roles in multiple collaborations.

C. A role binding maps a connectable element to a role in a collaboration occurrence.

D. The same connectable element may be bound to multiple roles in a single collaboration


E. A role typed by an interface specifies a set of features required by a participant in a


Answer: A

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