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The Business Partner technical specialist is planning the space requirements for a new IBM DS8000. The

service clearance requirements refer to the area required to .

A. open the service covers and pull components for maintenance

B. distribute the weight of the storage unit

C. place the storage unit


allow the right airflow

Correct Answer: A


A system administrator wants to ensure that nodes with different hardware resources participate

in a cluster as efficiently as possible. Which of the following should be used to BEST meet this


A. A load balancer to evenly distribute requests to cluster members

B. A fine grain application update with capabilities to tune cluster member applications to the


C. Weighted definitions for cluster members

D. Identical application components for all cluster members

Answer: C


A solution implementer is configuring a single multi-protocol gateway to dynamically route

messages to back end servers. For internal consumers the request needs to be routed to an MQ

based back end and for external consumers the request needs to be routed to an HTTP based

back end service. How can the solution implementer satisfy this requirement?

A. Use the xset-target extension function.

B. Select a route action with an XPath routing map.

C. Set the variable var://service/routing-url.

D. Set the variables var://service/URI for the server and var://service/protocol-method for the

protocol type.

Answer: C



A client tried to upgrade the system firmware on a p5 590, but it failed. What is the minimum

requirement to update the system firmware from the HMC if inventory scout is already installed?

A. A public internet connection

B. All of the Logical Partitions need to be active

C. One partition must be configured with Service Authority

D. A local Repository must be configured prior to the update

Answer: C


A solution implementer is considering the following active-standby configuration between two

DataPower appliances:

In a simulated power failure of Appliance 1 using this active-standby configuration in a sandbox

environment, Appliance 2 did not take over the active interface. What could be causing this


A. It can take several minutes for the standby interfaces to be active in an active-standby


B. Appliances in the active-standby configuration must be in the same network subnet and

broadcast domain.

C. In an active-standby configuration, the priority of Appliance 2 must be changed to 99 for the

failure takeover to work.

D. There might be a firewall between the two appliances which has not been configured to allow

broadcast traffic in an active-standbyconfiguration.

Answer: B