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Question 1:

View the Exhibit and examine the structures of the employees and departments tables.

You must update the employees table according to these requirements::

-Update only those employees who work in Boston or Seattle (locations 2900 and 2700).

-Set department_id for these employees to the department id corresponding to London (locationid 2100). -Set the employees\’ salary in iocation_id 2100 to 1.1 times the average salary of their department.

-Set the employees\’ commission In location_id 2100 to 1.5 times the average commission of their department.

You issue this command:

What is the result?

A. It executes successfully but does not produce the desired update.

B. It executes successfully and produces the desired update.

C. It generates an error because multiple columns cannot be specified together in an UPDATE statement.

D. It generates an error because a subquery cannot have a join condition in an update statement.

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

Which two statements are true regarding roles? (Choose two.)

A. A role can be granted to itself.

B. A role can be granted to PUBLIC.

C. A user can be granted only one role at any point of time.

D. The REVOKE command can be used to remove privileges but not roles from other users.

E. Roles are named groups of related privileges that can be granted to users or other roles.

Correct Answer: BE

Question 3:

Which three statements are true reading subquenes?

A. A Main query can have many subqueries.

B. A subquery can have more than one main query.

C. The subquery and main query must retrieve date from the same table.

D. The subquery and main query can retrieve data from different tables.

E. Only one column or expression can be compared between the subquery and main query.

F. Multiple columns or expressions can be compared between the subquery and main query.

Correct Answer: ADF

Question 4:

Which two tasks can be performed by using Oracle SQL statements?

A. changing the password for an existing database user

B. connecting to a database instance

C. querying data from tables across databases

D. starting up a database instance

E. executing operating system (OS) commands in a session

Correct Answer: AC

Question 5:

Which two statements are true regarding the SQL GROUP BY clause?

A. You can use a column alias in the GROUP BY clause.

B. Using the WHERE clause after the GROUP BY clause excludes rows after creating groups.

C. The GROUP BY clause is mandatory if you are using an aggregating function in the SELECT clause.

D. Using the WHERE clause before the GROUP BY clause excludes rows before creating groups.

E. If the SELECT clause has an aggregating function, then columns without an aggregating function in the SELECT clause should be included in the GROUP BY clause.

Correct Answer: DE

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Question 6:

View the exhibit and examine the description of the PRODUCT_INFORMATION table.

Which SQL statement would retrieve from the table the number of products having LIST_PRICE as NULL?

A. SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT list_price)FROM product_informationWHERE list_price is NULL

B. SELECT COUNT (NVL(list_price, 0))FROM product_informationWHERE list_price is NULL

C. SELECT COUNT (list_price)FROM product_informationWHERE list_price i= NULL

D. SELECT COUNT (list_price)FROM product_informationWHERE list_price is NULL

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the ORDER_ITEMS table. (Choose the best answer.)

You must select the ORDER_ID of the order that has the highest total value among all the orders in the ORDER_ITEMS table. Which query would produce the desired result?

A. SELECT order_idFROM order_itemsGROUP BY order_idHAVING SUM(unit_price*quantity) = (SELECT MAX (SUM(unit_price*quantity))FROM order_items GROUP BY order_id);

B. SELECT order_idFROM order_itemsWHERE(unit_price*quantity) = (SELECT MAX (SUM(unit_price*quantity)FROM order_items) GROUP BY order_id);

C. SELECT order_idFROM order_itemsWHERE(unit_price*quantity) = MAX(unit_price*quantity)GROUP BY order_id);

D. SELECT order_idFROM order_itemsWHERE (unit_price*quantity) = (SELECT MAX(unit_price*quantity)FROM order_itemsGROUP BY order_id)

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

You issued this command:


SQL > DROP TABLE employees;

Which three statements are true?

A. Sequences used in the EMPLOYEES table become invalid.

B. If there is an uncommitted transaction in the session, it is committed.

C. All indexes and constraints defined on the table being dropped are also dropped.

D. The space used by the EMPLOYEES table is always reclaimed immediately.

E. The EMPLOYEES table can be recovered using the ROLLBACK command.

F. The EMPLOYEES table may be moved to the recycle bin.

Correct Answer: BCF

Question 9:

The BOOKS_TRANSACTIONS table exists in your schema in this database. You execute this SQL statement when connected to your schema in your database instance.

SQL> SELECT * FROM books_transactions ORDER BY 3;

What is the result?

A. The execution fails unless the numeral 3 in the ORDER BY clause is replaced by a column name.

B. All table rows are displayed sorted in ascending order of the values in the third column.

C. The first three rows in the table are displayed in the order that they are stored.

D. Only the three rows with the lowest values in the key column are displayed in the order that they are stored.

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

Which two statements are true about sequences created in a single instance database? (Choose two.)

A. When the MAXVALUE limit for the sequence is reached, you can increase the MAXVALUE limit by using the ALTER SEQUENCE statement.

B. DELETE would remove a sequence from the database.

C. The numbers generated by a sequence can be used only for one table.

D. CURRVAL is used to refer to the last sequence number that has been generated.

E. When a database instance shuts down abnormally, the sequence numbers that have been cached but not used would be available once again when the database instance is restarted.

Correct Answer: AD

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