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A document imaging and management company is implementing a business process diagram

which requires a rules evaluation for the retention time of incoming documents. A BPM Analyst

has requested that these rules be created using a natural language technology within IBM

Business Process Manager V8.0. What decision service component should the BPM application

developer use to create these rules?

A. BAL Rule

B. Server Script

C. Decision Table

D. JRules Decision Service

Answer: A


Non-IBM supported Web server (start, stop and change configuration) must be managed from the

WebSphere Application Server V6 administrative console in a Network Deployment environment.

Which of the following processes has to be started on the WebServer machine that has been

configured as a managed node?

A. Deployment manager

B. Custom profile

C. Node agent

D. Application server

Answer: C


A DataPower Processing Policy has been coded to use DataPower variables. To analyze an error in one

of the Rules, a solution implementer has enabled the Probe to review message content and DataPower

variables. Given the data in the Probe, which one of the following shows the correct variable and scope?

A. Context (Scope: Single processing rule)

Error (Scope: Single processing rule)

B. Context (Scope: Single transaction)

Service (Scope: Multiple transactions)

C. Service (Scope: Single transaction)

Local (Scope: Spans repeated transactions)

D. Service (Scope: Single transaction)

System (Scope: Spans repeated transactions)

Correct Answer: D


The solution implementer wants to create a web service that uses SOAP over HTTP on the front

end, and WebSphere MQ on the back end to integrate with an existing legacy application. The

solution implementer wants to add a new WSDL to the existing web service proxy service to route

traffic to an MQ queue. How does the solution implementer meet this requirement?

A. Use the Backend URL MQ helper to build the proper back end URL.

B. Add the new WSDL and use the endpoint referenced by the WSDL.

C. Add the new WSDL and create a new back end URL using the dpmq:// syntax.

D. Add the new service operations to the existing WSDL and create a new MQ back end URL.

Answer: C



How can the user experience be improved in a cloud computing environment?

A. Enable networking across all provisioned services

B. Enable customer support help desk access to the end user

C. Enable services to be measured based upon resource usage

D. Enable services to be accessible from anywhere and anytime

Answer: D



Companycom wants to deploy WebSphere in an HACMP environment, running on two servers in

LPARs. These servers will also host the test and dev LPARs. The customer would like to use the

test and dev resources to support an HACMP failover. What is the best way to accomplish this


A. Run the test and dev LPARs in an uncapped mode

B. Activate COD resources if a failover should occur

C. Use DLPAR to move resources between the test and dev and the HACMP LPAR

D. Stop the test and dev environments, bring up new profile for HACMP failover

Answer: C


Which of the following is the correct way to delete a profile in WebSphere Application Server V6?

A. Use the “Profile creation wizard”

B. Delete the profile Template directory

C. Use the wasprofile command line utility

D. Delete the profile directory

Answer: C


When the HTTP plug-in configuration file is regenerated either manually or automatically the file

must be propagated to the Web servers. If a system administrator needs to configure automatic

propagation of the plugin-cfg.xml file for an Apache HTTP server, which of the following tasks

must be performed?

A. Enable session management for the HTTP server

B. Configure the HTTP server on a managed node.

C. Automatic propagation is not supported, the plugin-cfg.xml file must be transferred manually

D. Set the automatic propagation flag in the pluin-cfg.xml file.

Answer: B


The WebSphere Rapid Deployment(WRD) tool is running in the automatic allocation mode. All of

the following enterprise applications will be deployed if the file types are placed below in WRD\’s

monitored directory EXCEPT.

A. An Enterprise Archive (EAR) file.

B. A Web module (WAR) file.

C. An EJB module JAR file.

D. A Resource Adapter Archive (RAR) file.

Answer: D


A customer is concerned that the Windows server virtualization solution discussed with them

seems to be too leading edge. They are not comfortable with new technology. What information

could be supplied to provide industry trends and directions of the solution?

A. Server Proven

B. Client references


D. IBM White Papers

Answer: B