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A customer must enable High Availability and failover for a cluster of external HTTP servers.

Which of the following actions should the system administrator recommend to a accomplish this


A. Use the load balancing component of the WebSphere Edge Components

B. Configure a proxy server such as Tivoli Access Manager

C. Enable server affinity for each HTTP server in the cluster

D. Implement the caching proxy server component of the WebSphere Edge Components.

Answer: A


If a system administrator uses the Tivoli Performance Viewer to monitor application servlets and

EJB\’s which of the following sets of metrics should be viewed in order to BEST evaluate the

performance of the application?

A. Average response time, heap size, garbage collection statistics

B. Average response time, number of requests/transactions, number of HTTP sessions

C. Average response time, heap size of datasource connection pool.

D. Number of transactions, size of datasource connection pool, CPU utilization

Answer: B


Why would a tester want to substitute a datapool candidate?

A. A new value can be provided for each virtual tester, to ensure more realistic playback.

B. A new value can be captured for each session, to ensure more realistic recording.

C. The data correlation will fail if the candidate is not substituted with the value returned by the


D. The datapool will never get filled up with data unless it is connected to the test at playback time.

Answer: A


A developer is implementing the reverse logistics module as part of an IBM Sterling Selling and

Fulfillment Suite solution. The solution should allow for return orders to be created against a sales

order and the linkage between return and sales orders should be maintained. What should be part

of the implementation to achieve this?

A. Configure the include In Return transaction in the sales order pipeline.

B. Pass the IsBlindReturn attribute value as in the create Order API input.

C. Pass the ReturnAgainstSale attribute value as in the createOrder API input.

D. Set the enable Return Against Sales configuration under Reverse Logistics> Document

Specific > Return Order > Fulfillment > ProcessSet the enable Return Against Sales configuration

under Reverse Logistics> Document Specific > Return Order > Fulfillment > Process Type Details

in the Applications Manager.

Answer: A



A system administrator is configuring application servers for using the Data Replication Service in

a WebSphere Application Server V6 cluster environment. Which of the following replication

modes are available?

A. Client Only, Server Only, Both Client and Server

B. Cluster Only, Both Client and Cluster

C. Cluster Only, Both Cluster and Server

D. Cluster Only, Node Only, Both Cluster and Node

Answer: A