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The administrator has been asked to install the latest system firmware on an HMC managed system. There is no service partition. The most recent cumulative PTF package and Group PTFs were installed, but the firmware did not get updated.

What is required to install the firmware on this system?

A. System Firmware must be installed from the HMC.

B. System Firmware must be installed from the ASMI interlace.

C. Perform a platform IPL and select the T side for the System Firmware.

D. Perform a platform IPL to complete the installation of the System Firmware.

Correct Answer: A


A system administrator is restoring a saved library LIBA on the same system where it was saved several months ago, using the RSTLIB command with the Allow Object Differences (ALWOBJDIE) parameter set to *ALL.

The original library LIBA has changed since it was last saved. Several original files now have different authorization lists, and many new objects have been added. After the restore, the administrator observed that some restored files have two versions, FILEx and FILEx0001.

Which setting of the ALWOBJDIF parameter will avoid this problem?





Correct Answer: D


A service provider offers installation and haul away services for appliances and furniture. The

services are offered by two teams, each specializing in either appliances or furniture. On receiving

a request for a service, the service provider would like to use the closest team to the customer that

also has the relevant skills. How can this requirement be achieved?

A. The ship node servicing the customer\’s shipping address should be stamped as the

“ServiceNode” on the service order line.

B. The installation and haul away items should be modeled as service items in the catalog and

Sourcing rules for provided services should beconfigured.

C. The installation and haul away should be modeled as accessories to the main product

(appliance and furniture) so the sourcing rules for theproduct will also look for capacity for the


D. The service items should be defined in the catalog along with their association with the main

product (appliance and furniture). The sourcingrules for the product item will then automatically

identify the right ship node that can offer the service.

Answer: B



When a subsystem is created using the CRTSBSD command, what is the purpose of the ASP Group (ASPGRP) parameter?

A. Specifies the name of an Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group that contains the library for the secondary language

B. Specifies the initial setting for the Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group name for the jobs running in this subsystem description

C. Specifies the name of an Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group to be included in the library name space of the subsystem monitor job

D. Specifies the names of the Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) groups that may be added to the jobs running in this subsystem description using the SETASPGRP command

Correct Answer: C


A developer previewing a Worklight application for an Android device in the Mobile Browser Simulator now

wants to preview the application for an iOS device. Is it possible to preview the application for both devices

on a same page of the Mobile Browser Simulator?

A. No because the developer can view only one device at a time.

B. Yes by clicking the Add Device button to select another device.

C. Yes by enabling the User Agent switching to select another device.


Yes by adding another device in the Device section of the Cordova API plugin.

Correct Answer: B