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An administrator is installing Worklight Server on a stand-alone machine in a QA environment and has

already performed the following steps: 1.Created and initialized the Worklight databases 2.Defined and

configured the required application server resources Which additional step must the administrator perform

to use the Worklight Console to verify successful installation?

A. Deploy the Worklight Console adapter file.

B. Install the Worklight sample customization WAR file.


Set the worklight.home JVM custom property to the location of the Worklight Console folder.


Copy the worklight-jee-library.jar file to the application server\’s Worklight library folder.

Correct Answer: B


Which statement describes a recognized security risk with programs that adopt authority?

A. Items in IFS directories can be altered.

B. The users job will retain elevated authority when the program ends.

C. If the program opens a command line, a user will have access to the system at elevated authority.

D. If the program calls another program, the called program cannot avoid running at elevated authority.

Correct Answer: C


Companycom is considering a partitioned solution with one of the LPARs utilizing 12 CPUs.

Multiple applications will be loaded on this large LPAR. However, the customer wants to ensure

some tasks will have higher priority access to the CPU and memory resources. Which of the

following solutions would best satisfy the requirement?

A. Loadleveler

B. AIX Workload Manager

C. Partition Load Manager

D. Tivoli Provisioning Manager

Answer: B


A Worklight developer is having trouble with the XSL file that transforms the raw XML feed from a public

RSS server into JSON data to be consumed by a mobile application. What is the correct use of Worklight\’s

debugging features to resolve this problem?

A. Use the adapter\’s Invoke Worklight Back-end Service tool to edit the XSL file based on the raw XML

and corresponding JSON data.

B. Use the adapter\’s Invoke Worklight Procedure tool to retrieve the raw XML and corresponding JSON

data for comparison with the XSL file.


Use the adapter\’s Invoke Worklight Back-end Service and Invoke Worklight Procedure tools to

compare the raw XML andcorresponding JSON data.

D. Use the adapter\’s Deploy Worklight Adapter option to deploy the adapter into the Worklight Console,

then use the Console\’s Previewfeature to debug the adapter.

Correct Answer: A


A customer would like to implement an IBM System Storage DS8000 solution that requires 225 TB raw

capacity. They are convinced that 450 GB is the optimum size for their business applications. There is

limited space available for additional machines in the data center. Which solution meets best this


A. DS8700 system with three frames

B. DS8800 system with threeframe

C. DS8700 system with two frames

D. DS8800 system with two frames

Correct Answer: D