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A solution implementer is writing a stylesheet that accepts input as shown in the following exhibit:

Given the information in the exhibit, which XPath expression locates the element named Pay:payload?

A. /pay:payloadA./pay:payload

B. //*/Customer/..B.//*/Customer/..

C. /msg:message/*C./msg:message/*

D. /msg:message/..//*/payloadD./msg:message/..//*/payload

Correct Answer: B


An eX5 client is concerned about the costperGB of the proposed SAS diskbased

solution, and suggests using SATA disk technology in order to reduce costs for their 24×7

missioncritical Microsoft SQL Server application. Which of the following addresses the customer


A. SAS drives support automatic rebuild upon failure, SATA must be rebuilt manually

B. SAS drives supportFibre Channel attachment to eX5 servers, SATA does not

C. SATA drives require different, more expensive cables, and require more floor space compared

with SAS

D. SATA storage is slower, has lower mean time between failure, and designed for a lower duty

cycle compared with SAS

Answer: D


The high level solution document indicates that the WebSEAL deployment must be highly

available and that user sessions will be maintained across multiple WebSEAL servers to

enhance the user experience when a WebSEAL becomes unavailable. What is included in

the high level configuration document to satisfy these requirements?

A. the use of load balancers

B. the use of LDAP replication

C. the use of a WebSEAL cluster

D. the use of a Policy Server cluster

Answer: C



A customer is planning a combined solution of a 2 node SVC and DS8700 with 128×300 GB FC disks.

During the TDA the reviewer compares the machine configuration with the customer\’s expectations. Which

of the following customer requirements must be considered?

A. the number of SAN ports required by the solution

B. thin provisioning is mandatory


the solution needs to support RAID 0

D. the solution needs to be supported by the VMware Site Recovery Manager

Correct Answer: A


Journaling of a large library is running on SYSTEMA and the journal is system managed. Remote

journaling to

SYSTEMB has been configured. Due to a communications problem between SYSTEMA and SYSTEMB,

remote journaling is not working and cannot be quickly restarted.

Disk utilization on SYSTEMA is increasing rapidly. To reduce disk utilization the administrator tries to

delete journal receivers on SYSTEMA. Attempts fail and the following message displays:

CPF705F: Receiver not replicated to 1 remote journals.

What must the administrator do to delete journal receivers on SYSTEMA?

A. Delete and recreate only the journal, and then delete the receivers.

B. Stop journaling, as this must be ended first, and then delete the receivers.

C. Use the DLTJRNRCV command and change the delete option parameter to ignore target receivers.

D. Use the CHGJRN command to change the Manage Receivers parameter to allow user management of journal receivers and then delete the receivers.

Correct Answer: C