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Programmers working on a software development project frequently need to save their development library (LIBX) at the prior release level of the operating system.

The administrator needs to change the default value of the SAVLIB command parameter to accommodate the programmers” prior release save requirement.

The default value before the change was: SAVLIB LIB(LIBX) TGTRLS(*CURRENT) The default value after the change will be: SAVLIB LIB(LIBX) TGTRLS(*PRV)

What should the administrator do to facilitate the change?

A. Adjust the system value QFRCCVNRST (Force conversion on restore) to *PRV.

B. Use the Change Command Default (CHGCMDDFT) command to change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

C. Use the Save Restore Configuration (SAVRSTCFG) command to change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

D. Use the command WRKREGINF to modify the exit point program QIBM_SAV_SECURITY and change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

Correct Answer: B


An administrator wants to extract archived data to an existing directory c:\amwebtest on a

Windows machine. Which command(s) can be used? pdbackup -a restore -f

c:\pdbackup\amwebbackup.lst_22dec2005.10_22.dar -path c:\amwebtest pdbackup -a

extract -f c:\pdbackup\amwebbackup.lst_22dec2005.10_22.dar -path c:\amwebtest

pdextract -f c:\pdbackup\amwebbackup.lst_22dec2005.10_22.dar -path /amwebtest

A. only command 1

B. only command 2

C. only command 3

D. commands 1 and 2

Answer: B



A VIO server requires redundancy on its Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA). The SEA is backed by physical

adapter ent0 and virtual adapter ent2, ent0 and ent1 are the interfaces on a dual-port Ethernet adapter.

What network redundancy technique should be suggested?

A. ent1 should be used to set up a Network Interface Backup through \’smitty etherchannel1. The new

Etherchannel adapter should be used as the backing device for the SEA

B. ent1 should be used to set up Link Aggregation through \’smitty linkagg1. The new Link Aggregation

adapter should be used as the backing device for the SEA

C. Create a new SEA using another virtual Ethernet adapter on the VIO Server and assign ent1 as the

backing device. Assign this SEA to the clients and setup Link Aggregation on the clients.

D. Setup the SEA failover control channel to use the ent1 physical adapter as the backup control channel.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator is creating a new connection to an existing system, but cannot connect successfully. Which action will resolve the problem?

A. Create a user profile for the connection.

B. Delete, recreate, and test the connection.

C. Enable the user profile for the connection.

D. Change the connection to be the Management Central system. Correct Answer: B


An organization has some customers that have certificates and some that log on using a

user name and password. What is the correct setting in the [certificate] stanza?

A. accept-client-certs = never

B. accept-client-certs = optional

C. accept-client-certs = required

D. accept-client-certs = prompt_as_needed

Answer: B