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During a review of environmental requirements before ordering an IBM System z9 server and IBM System

Storage DS8700, the customer states that the available power is 220 volts AC. Which feature

should be included with the DS8700 order?

A. Low Voltage

B. High Voltage

C. Remote System z Power Control

D. Battery Assembly

Correct Answer: A


Companycom would like the ability to shrink filesystems. They currently have JFS filesystems.

Which of the following is necessary to shrink the filesystems?

A. Copy the existing filesystems to JFS2

B. Defragment the filesystem, then reduce its size

C. Change the file system attribute allow_shrink=yes on the existing filesystems

D. Modify the logical volume attribute allow_shrink=yes on the existing logical volumes

Answer: A


In the process of developing a hybrid application, the QA team finds a bug with the user interface that is

noticeable only on an iOS device. What can the developer use to debug the application?

A. Use the Xcode debugger console.

B. Use the Mobile Browser Simulator.


Use iWebInspector and/or Weinre.

D. Use WL.Logger.debug() and WL.Logger.error().

Correct Answer: C


A developer wants the Configuration Deployment Tool to detect a conflict based on the expected

old value of an attribute of a record from the source database against the current value of the

corresponding record in the target database. Which file does the developer need to change?

A. ydk.xml



D. ydkprefs.xml

Answer: D



Due to a defect in the pricing logic, orders coming from the website are observed to be out of

balance, wherein the sum of the order line totals is more than the tender collected from the

customer. In order to handle this, the business team wants Sterling to automatically add an

adjustment to the order header to account for the difference at the time of order creation. What is

the simplest way of achieving this requirement?

A. Since the order total will be computed by the product automatically, the only way to solve this is

by adjusting the tender on the order.

B. The onOrderCreate event of the createOrder API can be used to perform the computation, and

the adjustment can be added by using the changeOrder API.

C. All orders can be put on a hold and the hold processing agent can be used to inspect orders for

out of balance and add the adjustment by using the adjustOrder API.

D. The beforeCreateOrderUE can be used to check for the difference between the order total and

tender on the order, and an adjustment for the delta returned in the output of the User Exit.

Answer: D