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An administrator has been asked to update an IBM i 7.1 system to the most current Technology Refresh available from IBM. Which method is the most appropriate to achieve the update?

A. Perform a D-mode IPL using the Technology Group PTF package SF99707.

B. Perform a slip install using the most current 1_Base_01 resave media available.

C. Perform a scratch install using the most current 1_Base_01 resave media available.

D. Perform an install of the Technology Group PTF package SF99707 using the GO PTF menu.

Correct Answer: D


An administrator has configured a system to provide resilient networking through the use of SEA failover.

The administrator wants to know if the SEA for one VIO server, ent10, is the active adapter.

Which of the following commands could the administrator use to determine the status of ent10?

A. . entstat-netent10

B. Ismap-net-devent10

C. seastat-liststatent10

D. netstat -cdlistats ent10

Correct Answer: D


When using XSLT, if expected items are missing in the output, what is the MOST likely cause?

A. The XPath expression in the select part of the tab is not formed


B. The XSLT processor is not properly configured.

C. The XML parser is not passing the entire XSLT style sheet to the XSLT processor.

D. The wrong XSLT style sheet is being used.

Answer: A


A client is experiencing bottlenecks in their IT environment. Which of the following responses

address this issue?

A. Meet with Operations Manager

B. Perform Scorpion study

C. Meet with CFO

D. Perform CDAT study

Answer: A


Which journaling capability was added in IBM i 7.1?

A. End journaling can be done while a journaled file is in use.

B. Journals larger than 1TB can have remote journals attached to them while in use.

C. Remote journals are automatically compared and verified during suspend and resume operations.

D. When starting journaling of the physical file, all logical files will automatically have their access paths set for SQL optimization.

Correct Answer: A