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A solution implementer needs to set the Log Priority of log messages within a WS-MediationPolicy policy

attachment. How can the solution implementer configure the value of Log Priority?

A. Conformance object

B. Policy Parameters object

C. Policy Attachments object

D. Log Priority of the SLM action object

Correct Answer: B


When using the addNode command to federate a node to a cell, It may be necessary to know the

Deployment Manager\’s SOAP connection port. What is the BEST way to locate this port?

A. Navigate to the profiles directory of the WebSphere Application Server installation root

directory, and issuing the wsadmin $AdminConfig getPort command.

B. Navigate to the bin directory of the node to be federated and issuing the following command

ivt.bat server1

C. Examine the serverindex.xml file corresponding to the Deployment Manager\’s node

D. Examine the responsefile.oct file in the WebSphere Application Server Installation root


Answer: C


What is the purpose of the APT_DUMP_SCORE environment variable?

A. There is no such environment variable.

B. It is an environment variable that turns on the job monitor.

C. It is an environment variable that enables the collection of runtime performance statistics.

D. It is a reporting environment variable that adds additional runtime information in the job log.

Answer: D



An Agent is configured to run on many Agent Servers with high threading levels expecting a high

volume of traffic. What happens if the volume of traffic became low?

A. The JMS queues would fill up with too many unprocessed transactions.

B. The system would slow down as there are too many processes running without work to do.

C. The Agent Server would automatically reduce the number of threads based on the number of


D. The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite would automatically shutdown redundant agent

server instances.

Answer: B



A batch job runs daily in the QBATCH subsystem with a run priority of 50. The job normally takes an hour to complete and no other batch jobs run during this time.

The administrator needs to reduce the run time and requests the run priority be lowered to 40. However1 after the change, run time does not decrease.

What is the likely reason that the run time did not decrease?

A. The run priority applies to only interactive jobs.

B. D82 Symmetric Multiprocessing has not been installed.

C. The run priority represents only the relative importance of the job.

D. The system value QPFRADJ (Performance Adjustment) is set to “No adjustment.”

Correct Answer: C