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A Power Systems server has two HMCs connected to its Flexible Service Processor (FSP). It is decided to

upgrade one of them to a later hardware version. The 7042-CR3 is disconnected and the new 7042- CR6

is connected in its place. The new HMC successfully discovers the managed server but some operations

including DLPAR are failing.

Which action will allow the managed server and HMC to establish new RMC configurations?

A. Run “/usr/sbin/rsct/install/bin/recfgct” in each LPAR.

B. Run “refresh -s IBM DRM” in each LPAR

C. Use the “Reset Or Remove Connection” panel on the HMC.

D. Reset the RMC connection in the Console menu option in ASMI

Correct Answer: A


When protecting data using the NetApp SnapLock licensed feature, which storage pool parameter

ensures that a storage pool is managed based on a data retention period?

A. snaplock


C. storage pool threshold

D. only RETVER and RETMIN of archive copy group are required

Answer: B


A VIO server administrator is configuring MPIO-based storage for a new LPAR named P7_3_AIX.The

administrator runs the lspv -free command and sees 4 disks free. The lsmap -all command confirms that

the disks are free. A check of the list of LPARs shows the following:

In order to avoid problems, what else should be verified before mapping storage to the new LPAR?

A. If the free disks are allocated to P7_2_AIX

B. That the free disks are MPIO capable

C. If the free disks are allocated to P7_3_AIX

D. That the free disks are allocated to a shared storage pool

Correct Answer: D


A company has a newly installed IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server on Windows 2008 SP2.

Which step(s) verify the usage of device drivers if the business policy specifies using certified

devices and drivers?

Find the driver for the device from Microsoft and then load the native driver for the device

If a native driver is not available from Microsoft, visit the the hardware vendor website and

download the native driver. Then load the native driver for the device from this download.

If the native driver is not available from the vendor then use the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

(TSM) driver.

For non-IBM devices only TSM device drivers can be used.

A. Only 1

B. 1, 2, 3

C. Only 3

D. Only 4

Answer: B


A retail company plans to consolidate 180 existing dual processor Xeon servers, all running a web

server application on Windows Server 2003. They are planning consolidating to a single x3950 X5

running vSphere. Which of the following should be discussed with this customer?

A. Is the web content static or dynamic information

B. Consider two servers for redundancy and failover

C. What is the average CPU utilization of the existing webservers

D. Will the servers need a SCSI orFibre Channel storage solution?

Answer: B