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What are two advantages of using Runtime Column Propagation (RCP)? (Choose two.)

A. RCP forces a developer to define all columns explicitly.

B. Only columns used in the data flow need to be defined.

C. Sequential files don\’t require schema files when using RCP.

D. Only columns that are defined as VarChar need RCP enabled.

E. Columns not specifically used in the flow are propagated as if they were.

Answer: B,E



Message traffic from a customer purchasing system is passing SOAP messages through a

DataPower XI52 appliance. A solution implementer uses a multi-protocol gateway to implement

WS-Security to encrypt the complete message. Which of the following parameters should the

solution implementer select to correctly configure the Encrypt action?

A. Envelop Method: WSSec encryption

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : None

B. Envelop Method: WS-Security

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : store:///encrypt_message.xsl

C. Envelop Method: Standard XML encryption

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : store:///encrypt_message.xsl

D. Envelop Method: Advanced

Message Type : Raw XML document

Document Crypto Map : store:///ws_security_encrypt.xsl

Answer: A



An administrator is connecting to the HMC for IBM i console access using IBM i Access Using port 2300. What is the required user ID in “Connection Properties”?


B. hscroot



Correct Answer: A


Given the context of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3, which IBM solution

allows rapid integration to existing Platform as a Service workloads?

A. IBM WebSphere Cast Iron

B. IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator

C. IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler

D. IBM WebSphere Message Broker

Answer: A



A company\’s sales process relies on business rules that have been implemented within WebSphere

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Operational Decision Management (WODM). There is a requirement to incorporate these rules within a

IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 implementation. What steps must a BPM application developer take

to incorporate these rules within IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 assuming the WODM server has

been properly configured within IBM Business Process Manager V8.0. Within a decision service:

A. 1. drag a BAL Rule from the palette onto the canvas.2. select a server .3. configure the SOAP port.4.

provide credentials.

B. 1. drag a Server Script from the palette onto the canvas.2. use JavaScript APIs to get ODM server

information.3. use JavaScript APIs to make ODM server calls.

C. 1. drag a Decision Table from the palette onto the canvas.2. select a server.3. specify conditions and


D. 1. drag a JRules Decision Service from the palette onto the canvas.2. select a server.3. configure the

SOAP port.4. provide credentials.

Correct Answer: D


An administrator has successfully used a CL program to perform the nightly backup to an LTO-3 drive defined as TAPO3. A fibre attached LTO-5 drive was added later and it was configured as TAPO4 with resource name TAPO4.

After updating the CL source to reflect this change, the backup is still attempting to run on the LTO-3 drive. Which action is most likely to solve the problem?

A. Recompile the backup program.

B. Change the resource type of TAP04 to LTO-5.

C. Use TAPMLBU4 as fibre attached drives are only supported in library mode

D. Vary off the LTO-3 drive so the program can find the LTO-5 drive

Correct Answer: A


In a loan origination process, the manager wants to be notified each time a loan approval activity takes

more than 48 hours to complete regardless if work is in progress or not. The BPM application developer

decides to implement the notification using a timer event attached to the loan approval activity. How should

the BPM application developer configure the timer event without closing the task?

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A. Exhibit A

B. Exhibit B

C. Exhibit C

D. Exhibit D

Correct Answer: C


A solution implementer is deploying four DataPower XI52 appliances in a production environment. The

requirement is to evenly distribute client traffic across all four appliances without using an external load

balancer. The firmware on these four appliances has the Application Optimization feature enabled. A

standby Virtual IP address (VIP) has also been configured on each appliance with self-balancing enabled,

and each VIP specifies the same standby group. No other appliance network settings have been changed.

What should the solution implementer verify with the network team to ensure that this configuration will

work? Ensure the network supports:

A. gratuitous ARP.

B. rapid spanning tree.

C. virtual MAC takeover.

D. multiple MAC addresses per Ethernet port.

Correct Answer: A


A customer has one mainframe and ten open system servers in their current environment. They plan to

add the servers to an IBM DS8700 system with four array sites. How many extent pools should be created

to provide the best resource utilization of the DS8700?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 6

Correct Answer: C


After applying the latest Fix Pack to a VIO server, the administrator finds an issue with the hosted media

repository. The lsrep command fails with the following error:

“Unable to retrieve repository date due to incomplete repository structure”

What is the most likely cause for this error?

A. The VIO server has not been rebooted since applying the Fix Pack.

B. The Fix Pack reset the date and time to the shipped default.

C. The repository was in a loaded state prior to applying the Fix Pack.

D. The reboot caused the repository to forcibly unmount.

Correct Answer: C