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An administrator adds a new virtual target device to a vhost adapter that already had target devices on it.

The client LPAR does not detect the new disk and the following error has been logged in the errlog:

What is the most likely cause for this situation?

A. The intr_lsi of the host adapter is set higher than that needed by the new drive

B. The intr_priority of the host adapter is set lower than that needed by the new drive.

C. The queue_depth parameter of the new drive is larger than those of the other drives provided by the

host adapter

D. The max_transfer parameter of the new drive is smaller than the rate already reported by the host


Correct Answer: D


A system with IBM i 7.1 has at least one lPv6 address configured. When a user tries to ping a remote system by name, the response takes a long time. Ping by IP address (for example 10.x.x.x) works without delay.

Which action will fix this problem?

A. Use the command CHGTCPDMN and set the parameter HOSTSCHPTY to *LOCAL.

B. Use the command CHGTCPDMN and set the parameter HOSTSCHPTY to *REMOTE.

C. Update the Host Table Entries and add a IPv4 for that remote system name.

D. Change the ping command default as follows: CHGCMDDFT CMD(PING) NEWDFT(ADRVERFMT (*IP4))

Correct Answer: D


How can an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 (TSM) administrator be sure that data backed up in

the past still exists in the TSM environment without using complex SQL SELECT statements?

A. Perform a full restore of all data.

B. Perform a restore using the -all option

C. Perform a restore using the -pick option.

D. Ask the SQL administrator which data has been backed up.

Answer: C


Because of the amount of Web traffic and for fail-over purposes, an existing Web

infrastructure will be equipped with a second WebSEAL next to the one that has already

been operational for several months. During these months several modifications have been

made to this first WebSEAL configuration. What is the best approach of making sure that

the second WebSEAL behaves identically to the first one?

A. server task internet02-webseald-host02 server sync internet01-webseald-host01

B. unconfigure the first WebSEAL, than reconfigure the two WebSEALs simultaneously

using the sync option in the pdconfig tool

C. determine the differences between the first and second configuration file and update the

second configuration file to match the first one.

D. server task internet01-webseald-host01 server jdb export file path=/tmp/junction-db.xml

followed by server task internet02-webseald-host02 server jdb import file


Answer: A



A customer determines that run time of a weekly reporting job has begun to increase rapidly over the past several months. Examination of the file shows only normal size growth of less than 1%.

The entire file is read sequentially by key and is heavily I/O blocked for performance.

What should the administrator do to reduce run-time for the reporting job?

A. Override the file to SEQONLY(*YES).

B. Reorganize the file to remove deleted records.

C. Reorganize the rile in the sequence of the key field.

D. Increase the job\’s time slice and enable expert cache in the memory pool in which the job runs.

Correct Answer: C