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Consider the following XML Schema fragment:

<xsd:element name=


Companycom has just added some new disk drives to a p5 590. The customer needs to know the

largest Logical Track Group that these drives will support. What is the best way to locate this


A. Use lquerypv to read the drive

B. Use lspv and look at PP Size value

C. Look on the outside of the drive itself

D. Use bootinfo to find the LTG on the drive

Answer: A


A customer RFP requires installation of an open system SAN and migration of 40 TB currently residing on

ten UNIX servers (on internal server disk). The Service Level Agreement (SLA) requires no more than five

minutes per week of planned downtime for backup. Which IBM System Storage solution is the most cost


A. an IBM System Storage DS8700 with LTO tape drive

B. an IBM System Storage DS8700 with FlashCopy Manager

C. an IBM XIV Storage System

D. an IBM XIV Storage System with SAN Volume Controller

Correct Answer: C


An administrator needs to write a tool in CL to reorganize all database file members with more than 10% deleted records or more than 5GB of deleted record space.

The tool will need to generate and read a list of all:

-Libraries in the system

-Files in each library

Members in each file

What is the minimum number of programs that need to be created for this tool?









Correct Answer: A


The customer forgot the admin password for the Storage Manager and had access denied to the storage.

No additional admin accounts have been created. What should be done to access the storage again?


access the storage through the serial port and change the password for the admin account

B. log a call to IBM support

C. log in to the HMC and open a browser; no password is required


download a script from the IBM website and reset the password with the superuser account

Correct Answer: B