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The HMC software has just been upgraded remotely via the WebSM client. It now needs to be

rebooted to make the update active. How can this be accomplished?

A. Use ssh to connect to the HMC and reboot

B. The upgrade will display complete and ask you to reboot

C. Select shutdown in the Management section of the WebSM client

D. Once logged out of the WebSM client it will ask to logoff, shutdown or reboot. Select reboot.

Answer: A


A Worklight mobile application named test has the following code:

What is the cause of this behavior?

A. The server is unreachable.

B. The heartBeatIntervalInSecs is set to a value that is too low.

C. The heartBeatIntervalInSecs is set to a value that is too high.

D. The serverSessionTimeout value needs to be set to a value lower than heartBeatIntervalInSecs.

Correct Answer: A


The parallel framework supports standard and complex data types in the SQL type column tab

property. Identify the two complex data types? (Choose two.)

A. Vector

B. VarChar C.

Linked list D.


E. Binary trees

Answer: A,D



Which command creates an instance owner for IBM Tivoli Directory Server running on a

Windows system?

A. group.user create -u AdminUser

B. group.idsadduser -u AdminUser joespw

C. group.idsadduser -u AdminUser -w password

D. add_user create -u AdminUser -w repent2salvation

Answer: C



A BPM application developer is developing a BPM solution in a process application called \’Auto Loan

Review Process\’ (ALREV). ALREV has an existing dependency on a toolkit called \’Financial Calculation

Services\’ (FCSERV). The developer is asked to update an integration service in FCSERV and use that

new service in ALREV.

What steps must the developer take to ensure that ALREV will utilize the new service created in FCSERV?

A. 1. Update the integration service in FCSERV2. Take a snapshot of FCSERV3. Update the dependency

of ALREV from the FCSERV toolkit

B. 1. Update the integration service in FCSERV2. Take a snapshot of FCSERV3. Update dependency on

FCSERV from the ALREV process application

C. 1. Create a new integration service in ALREV2. Move the new integration service from ALREV to

FCSERV3. Take a snapshot of FCSERV

D. 1. Take a snapshot of FCSERV2. Update the integration service in FCSERV3. Update dependency on

FCSERV in the ALREV process application

Correct Answer: B