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A developer has been asked to select a technology to define an XML vocabulary. The XML

documents contain the following types of data: Phone number, Currency, Driver


A customer requires services to be invoked as part of the event configuration. Whenever a service

is invoked, the event passes data as a map, which is converted to an XML with \’SterlingXML\’ as

the root tag. The customer wants to override this root tag value to ranSoftXML by setting the

converted to an XML with \’SterlingXML\’ as the root tag. The customer wants to override this root

tag value to ranSoftXML by setting the yfs.sci.event.flow.roottag property value. Which file must be

updated with the new value?

A. the custom event template xml file

B. ${INSTALL_DIR}/properties/sandbox.cfg file

C. ${INSTALL_DIR}/properties/customer_overrides.properties file

D. ${INSTALL_DIR}/properties/yfs.properties_yscoverride_ext.properties file

Answer: C



A system administrator has created data source definition using the Application Deployment

Descriptor editor in the Application Server Toolkit (AST). These datasource can be accessed by


A. Applications running on the server

B. Applications in the current AST workspace.

C. Modules contained in the EAR file where the definition is made

D. J2EE Application clients accessing the server

Answer: C


The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 (TSM) server must be backed up. The backup process is

finished in less than one minute. Which command provides additional information about the

backup process?

A. help ANR2968E

B. q actbegind=-1

C. q actbegint=now-00:05

D. setdbrecovery yourTSMdbdevclass

Answer: C


A solution implementer needs to integrate the following security profile.

What must the solution implementer do to a message to satisfy this policy?

A. Encrypt and sign the body of the message.

B. Encrypt the body and header. Sign BOTH body and header.

C. Encrypt the body, sign the message and use an X.509 Token.

D. Encrypt the body, sign the Parts, and use an UsernameToken.

Correct Answer: C